World Situation

To be honest I do not fully understand the world situation. Those who have a better grasp of current situations are bound by secret oaths and lost in the delusions of knowledge and its endless pursuit.

What can be said is that a great battle is taking place across the entire universe or universes. These events were foretold long ago, that an era of peace, enlightenment and great healing would occur. This is now taking place and should be complete soon.

There has been a battle on this planet for many thousands of years over the destiny of humanity, or human beings. A spiritual battle of sorts. One side is of the light and wants for human beings to grow, flourish and mature through all the struggles of life, eventually leading humanity to flowering or its perfection, that which it was created for. The other side which is of darkness and demonic, though secrecy, conspiracy and the offering of temporal power tries to seduce humanity into giving away all that it is. Ultimately trying to destroy all that wishes to be happy and free.

Through impersonating the light and subterfuge, that which is non beneficial for mankind has tricked many into dedicating their lives to creating a luciferian one world order. By luciferian I mean that which is false. Nearly all of mankind works towards creating an order or reality which is separate form the order of the Cosmos or Divine order.

Many do not realize that they are doing this, they believe that the energies across the planet have to be balanced between the head and the heart and anyone who does not agree to this compromise is a terrorist who will probably lead the world to World War 3. I can see how they come to this conclusion, “it is logical, my dear fellow”.

However let me tell you, That which is beyond all limitation, thought and knowledge does not yield or make compromises with that which is false. That which is without description and can never be described has no opposite and does not compromise.

The conflict of the opposites or duality exists for the growth of “life”, without resistance there would be no growth. However all falls under The Beloved and all will be put right and ordered. I am not just asserting this, it is so.

The luciferian structure is complex and has many hidden layers which are increasingly degenerate the further one goes into it. When it is exposed to light it no longer exists and therefore secrecy is its survival. The end of that which is false come with the end of shame and secrecy. Many are trapped in it like fly in a cobweb, encapsulated in their own delusions of thinking themselves gods or having done dreadful things cannot be honest otherwise they believe they would fail to exist. They cannot look at the things they have been made to do, or have been seduced or tricked into doing. As far as they are concerned they never happened. Of course this is the sacrificing of humanity in order for a few powerful people to carry on their delusion.

The ultimate trick of the luciferian energy is to convince human beings that we are separate entities separate from each other and that we can do anything we choose for our own happiness, we have a right and all that kind of stuff. So what is really going on?

When your mother, father, brother, sister or friend is hurt or harmed does that have effect on you. When a child is tortured does that have an effect on you? If it does not then you have detached feeling from thought, do not be satisfied or content with this situation.

So when my family or friends or other human beings are harmed, if my heart is working properly then, it will hurt me. So there is a connection between me and others. It goes a lot further than this which will be explained.

So those who follow the false order or that which destroys, have broken a link between the heart and the head. This can happen as a child through torture or sometimes its just a case where the human has not learnt how to feel things or empathise with the situations of others. A lack of love and affection at a young age can cause this problem.

The good news is that on every front, that luciferian energy which infects the mind of an individual who has been separated from emotion or heart is being removed from the Universe and great healing and compassion is flowing into all those who have become fragmented, delusional and sick.


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