Experiencing leads to empathy….

Empathy becomes compassion for all.

If we can hold it without yielding, then compassion or light or something very mysterious rises through the chakras from the lowest to the highest. Raising our frequency, or perhaps to a higher octave.

With this greater vibration, feeling, depth, comes greater joy and happiness.

If we can hold it without yielding, physically, psychologically or emotionally then this thirst for happiness grows.

We are beacon of light!

Nothing will bring the happiness you now desire. No man or woman, no job or experience, its something else and IT’S calling you.

A discontent begins to grow a type of frustration with everything, but there is no malice in it. A spiritual fire has been lit.

Do not yield.

Light enters the mind, now there is no division between feeling and thought. Integrity

Self knowledge is acquired and we place thought in absolute order. Virtue

The mind is quiet but the immense feeling of discontent burns and we long for greater joy, ecstasy, happiness and to be with the Beloved, that which we felt, which is beyond all limitation or thought, immeasurable and indescribable. That which every human works towards knowingly or unknowingly.

Thats it the end

I’m not very good at writing and expressing myself or marketing or trying to be liked or creating an online profile, but what I can say with a certain amount of conviction is that I am not just repeating what another has said… this is what is actually happening in me, I am watching it. Its complex and difficult to hear this kind of stuff for the first time but if you stick at it, it all begins to make sense.

Empathy means I feel what you are feeling because I have experienced those things and I have felt that pain…. so I feel it!

Compassion is when I feel it for lots of people (just comes with more experience) if you dont yield!

If you have yielded, read my previous posts, this can be sorted 🙂

Integrity is when I feel lots of stuff for lots of people and I don’t betray those feelings

When most people feel compassion or a full heart they associate it with peace and a sense of giving up or they feel they cannot contain the agony. But we must and when you do this and lift your eyes to the Beloved, you catch on fire. We must use our light and create this feeling of immense hope. IT does not yield and neither will you! Always hope always a solution…. always, always, always, I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.

Virtue is a word that has strong historical religious connotations and its real meaning has been misused and lost. It means having absolute integrity through compassion and not yielding. Light rises into the mind, absolute order is established in thought, so that there is no division and then there is virtue. Something which once felt is indescribable. You have virtue, but so does everyone but now you see it and feel it. A feeling of great humility but also of immense dignity and integrity… its a mystery that words cannot capture.


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