Right Foundations

Without setting right foundations you cannot progress. Right foundations implies the gathering of experience without giving in or yielding to malice or negativity and thus compassion is born.

When we live our day to day life with all the situations and challenges that we experience, we can get hurt. Depending on how we deal with that hurt or emotional residue will depend on how we progress in life.

To progress we must move forward as a unitary movement. What I mean by this is that our thoughts (brain), emotions, feelings, compassion and our body are growing together. Not just one part growing like the intellect, or focusing completely on the body. It’s a unitary movement, however the foundation must be that of humility and compassion.

The reason I say this is because we have experiences and those experiences can leave an emotional residue, and the reaction of the mind to that emotional residue can either be neurotic and to withdraw or too hate that which we see as the cause of our pain.

We do not wish to hate, we would not consciously want a state of unease or conflict. However circumstances seem to force this on us. The “good” person becomes fragmented by the gathering of experience and the “bad” person becomes negative and full of malice. Both meet each other in day to day life and there is conflict.

What do we mean by a human being who is good or bad. Perhaps change these words to negative and positive. When we have been cruel in word or action to another and then that very thing that we have done to another happens to us or someone we care for, we learn what it feels like to be on the receiving end of hatred or malice.

If we do not block this learning process we will begin to FEEL how another FEELS. We begin to empathise, we are learning to put ourselves in the shoes of another because we have felt the result of negativity or hatred.

If we have integrity (by integrity I mean not betraying how you feel) then we will begin to resist negativity as learn how to feel. As we gather more experience then our feelings grow and eventually this empathy for another’s situation turns into compassion, which means having feelings for many people. We are learning to resist our own tendency to return hatred for hatred or to become negative, because we are feeling how another feels.

If we block this process through becoming hard or insensitive then we are preventing growth and we are stuck.

So feeling and thought go together. As we learn to grow inwardly with the heart we also gather self-knowledge of what we are. By we I mean human beings and the process we all go through called “life”.

So through the gathering of experience we grow emotionally and at the same time we must also gather self-knowledge so that we can understand our thinking and actions. In this way we do not divide each other although we all have our challenges to overcome. However these challenges are not individual but shared by all, as we all have to go through this process of growth.

There must be resistance for growth to take place. Self-knowledge is not readily available on this planet because there is a secret order in place that wishes to prevent humans from becoming whole, integral, together. This has probably been necessary in the past so that there is order on the planet, but that is no longer the case and the old order will dissolve.

There will be a noticeable energy change on the planet where the consciousness of mankind will begin to operate on a higher octave. All that is hidden will be revealed, that which is evil will be removed as humanity focuses its attention on those areas that need it and have been neglected for millennia.

When we think of another human being we see them as a separate entity with a separate personality. That personality will either like your personality or not and so the world is divided. Then we have further divisions where we are British, Chinese, French, American, Moroccan or whatever. All of us have different conditioning, geographically, religiously, culturally and so forth. This then creates further divisions and fragmentations. There are many beautiful languages and traditions and areas of the earth and each part forms us. However in understanding the process of the mind all divisions and fragmentations come to an end.

As explained above we all have to gather experience and knowledge. This knowledge is then stored in memory, memory then responds to challenges creating thought. Every human being on the planet does this unless there brain is badly damaged.

We can take this further. “I” was born in the UK to Christian parents, however if “I” had been born in Morocco to Muslim parents “I” would more than likely have been a Muslim with those traditional ideas, viewpoint and knowledge of the world. Even though we consider ourselves as opposites or different we both have to go though the same process which is the gathering of experience and responding to the challenges that the Universe presents to us though the process of “life”. We have different ideas and backgrounds and this essentially forms the “me”, the persona which comes into conflict with other personas.

This resistance must exist as long as there is a you, and me, and yet if there is no me and you it does not imply that we are all like robots or machine like. When we are thoroughly enjoying a conversation and we use all our energy to meet the other person, is there a separation as me and you, or is there just expression as life. Are we self-conscious when we meet every situation with all our energy?

However I now know that, if I had been born in a different family and location then my ideas would essentially be very similar to the human that has been born in that location. With self-knowledge, of how the mind operates we are breaking down the divisions of countries, languages, traditions or religions, which is all conditioning.

If I am aware that all human beings have to go through this process of gathering feeling through experience which eventually will inevitably lead to empathy and compassion for those that suffer and that we all respond to challenges by thought moving between memories, then we humans are all the same as we are all here to do the same thing which is to grow, through the gathering of experience and self knowledge.

If we hate as a result of being hurt, or if our thoughts are full of malice then we do not yet realize the consequences of our actions which will lead to more division and fragmentation, internally and therefore externally. We will seek out others who think and feel the same and form groups which will need to be hidden, because they won’t stand up to the light of day. We call this the negative order.

However once we realize that thinking with malice and hatred, regardless of what has happened to us, only leads to more malice and hatred. Then at some point we have to stop. This is difficult for those who have created a strong personality based on this type of thinking where they have a right to do as they please regardless of anyone else. This is a situation of separation from the rest of humanity and exists only as long as the human being has not learnt how to really feel their experiences. We need emotional power in the heart to come to the conclusion to no longer think in this manner as its not beneficial for anyone.

Once we can see this we have taken an epic step forward. We are learning to feel, not just to think. When we learn to feel we are coming back to our humanity, from a state of separation to wholeness.

Through the process of feeling our experiences deeply we develop sympathy and empathy for others who experience the very things that we have. Once we have gathered much experience compassion is born, which is to feel for many people.

This emotional groundwork or foundation has to be laid through all the processes of life. Great depth of feeling increases our capacity for happiness and thus a fire is born in the heart and when we have learnt not to be satisfied or content with little pleasures we long for Something beyond all this. Then that fire turns into a holy discontent, which has no malice within it.

I call this Something that is beyond everything, and I mean everything, the Beloved. It is a term a read whilst reading Jiddhu Krishnamurti’s works, and I find it to be the most suitable for me.

Without laying the correct foundations we cannot progress. We think we are progressing but without the gathering of experiences it is not possible

We have to ask the question are we separate entities or are we all connected through shared experiences. If we are connected through our feelings or compassion, then what happens to you happens to me and if that is the case then everytime we do something that is harmful for life or humans we are all being harmed, we are not separate.


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