We will in the very near future, create a totally different type of education system, one that is based on understanding our environment. What I mean by this is that we will understand our environment, which is the planet earth, and then move onto loftier areas. However these training schools will not be based the majority of the time in the classroom, they will based in the real world. We will learn in doing.

First we can learn the foundation of life in the soil and then the plants, trees and animals. The ecology of the whole process. This will lead to a respect of life, in understanding the direct relationship between all life and the interconnectedness of all life. The beauty of all things in nature and how when we give something a name we stop seeing its beauty.

This naturally leads onto the body and nutrition. What we need to stay really healthy and how this nutrition and holistic viewpoint must start with the soil and so on. How we are constructed physically, how each organ functions. How the body is made of millions of tubes and how these tubes can become blocked, bruised, crushed or broken. The link between nutrition and medicine. The beauty of nature.

To learn how to become a mountaineer will be an important part of understanding our environment, this will be the first step in learning how to navigate on the Earth. How to take care of ourselves and to appreciate nature. Scrambling, climbing and so on until the individual is competent on land.

The next natural progression is to learn about the sea. Here we learn swimming, apnea, canoeing, sailing and navigation. Navigation at sea naturally leads into mathematics, geometry,  the circumference of the Earth, latitude and longitude, degrees, minutes, tides, moon. With this greater understanding of the marvelous planet we live on, a thirst for adventure grows and the individual becomes more capable.

Where do we go next? The sky! A thirst for knowledge is growing within the child, but its healthy holistic expansion, the very act of doing and needing to know, brings about the questioning. Here we learn about flight, gliding, perhaps construct a simple plane and fly it! Then move onto powered flight and perhaps the mechanics of the engine. Aeronautical navigation is helping with a comprehensive overview of the planet and the natural expansion of mathematics and geometry. A more detailed understanding of the weather systems, pressure, communications, electronics and so forth.

Now we come to space, the motion of the planets around the sun, stars, galaxies, immeasurable distances. Navigation takes on a whole new dimension. There are no fixed points of reference in space, as everything is in motion. Mathematics becomes more complex but directly proportional to the doing. This is how we learn about our environment. We will all soon be going into space, but not with 1940’s technology, which is dangerous.

Your probably thinking how can everybody afford to sail and fly, never mind go into space? Soon this wont be for the wealthy, fortunate and elite. New technologies that have been around for a long time, but have been hidden, will be made available and “things” will be invented beyond anything we can currently imagine. Flight will become a lot easier within Earth’s atmosphere and outside of it.

We won’t have this money system for much longer, which is all part of a consciousness that is rapidly decaying. Life will be lived by what we can give to another not the opposite of that. It won’t be a step back into the 1900’s, even though that may happen initially, but hopefully that can be averted.

A new technologically advanced humanity, that is in harmony with the Universe and nature will emerge. The planet will be healed and cleaned.

It is up to each one of us in our own capacity to bring this about. This entails work, the big things will be taken care so dont worry about that just focus on what you can do with your family and friends.

People will be confused because there is so much change taking place so rapidly, this is inevitable. So it is good that this information is shared so that people have hope and can have some kind of understanding and frame work as to what is taking place.

For a certain amount of time an immense energy will come to this planet, but it might not be here for very long, so we have a short time to make all these changes to propel humanity forward.

In the next ten, twenty, thirty years there will be massive changes throughout the world. Hopefully this will go as smoothly as possible, it does not have to be end of the world stuff.

So much to look forward too, we just need to get through this little ice age and perhaps the collapse of the banking system, but humanity may find that in the very near future it has a change of heart in regards to everything 🙂


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