The 12 become One

There were 12 disciples, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 months of the year, 12 star signs…. what could all this mean???

12 days before Christmas, on the 13 day what happened? The Christ was born.

Hmmm, challenging stuff hey!

So whats going on? 12 becomes 1? 12 different types of people on the planet, 12 Universal Energies?

What happens when you can empathise with another human being? What happens when we can feel what they can feel? What is compassion?

Is com-passion, passion for all?

To have energy for all?

To have energy for all you must be able to understand everyone else’s point of view, to empathise.

So how does 12 become 1? and can anyone be Christed?

What happens when we have energy for everyone, when we see the best in everyone? We absorb and become them, a little bit of them is imbibed.

So the 12 become One when we have compassion and empathy for humanity.

Christed means the anointed one. There wasn’t only one Christos in history, but many before Christ. All came to impart Divine information to help humanity reach its full potential.

Just look at this image below, this is one of our closest star clusters, its just flabbergasting, its so massive, so many stars… so much hope for life, everywhere.

Soon we will all be exploring the stars. I can’t wait, what an adventure 🙂



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