Avicii’s LEVELS

As Avicii’s new song suggests there are lots of levels, in the world, some people are aware of them many are not.

To me there are 3 levels. There is the level of material or the physical, food and tanks, the body and so forth.

There is the level of thought, which covers the planet, our own personnel thought all makes up the collective thought or consciousness. Thought is not your own! Its the response of memory to a challenge. Its an electrical signal, a measurable frequency. There is an area which surrounds us and it is made of thought, all our thoughts, the energies are all intermingling. We are walking through other peoples thoughts. This area can be manipulated by those in the know.

Then there is an area that cannot be measured scientifically or with material instruments but can be sensed or felt by the heart. This energy then rises into the mind and steer’s thought.

There are 2 types of spiritual energy, The Beloved, Creator, God, Allah and then the absence of the Divine which we call luciferian energy. The Divine is with us always as long as we maintain a connection to our heart. By that I mean as long as we can feel and empathise, be compassionate and diplomatic. In fact we can have all those things and still not have the Beloved fully in our hearts. It is necessary to feel that their is something infinitely more then just life and death. It is important to instill in a child this feeling of infinity, an immense feeling of hope, a spiritual fire can ignite in someone. You have to struggle towards this.

Those who are in the know with there third eye open (the one eye crowd) at the highest levels try and manipulate these energies and they  are then masters of there particular craft and all those who follow in their footsteps, will be influenced through imitating the master of their craft, and thus the transference of spiritual energy into them. Freemasonry is the worship of the luciferian energies, kabbalism, a system of knowledge, order and initiation through binding contracts of secrecy and levels. This system traps all the godless good men and women, they will only reach a certain level of initiation even though they think they are ordering society in a beneficial manner, in actual fact, the order of freemasonry binds them.

Catholicism is sun worship, not Son of God worship. That halo behind Christ is the sun, not a halo. The Jesuits are a military sun order, the worship of the sun is normally always linked to lucifer the bringer of light. Of course the actual sun is beautiful, light and warm, creates life. However something evil likes to impersonate the sun, which leads to the black sun, nazis, jesuits, intelligence agencies, communists and all that. The very word Jesus is anglicised and when decrypted means sun god.

The Masons think the Christians are nuts, they have hidden knowledge and according to there knowledge, what the Christians believe is a fairy tale. The Christians all think the Masons are dark, secret and incorporate strange rituals and corruption through influence and also the types of people they invite into the Masonic order. Ultimately the no malicious Masons don’t know it, but there rituals are based around death, saturnic energy, or energy from Saturn and at a higher level initiation luciferian energies or even these days trying to balance divine and luciferian energies to reach enlightenment or excellence.

So that’s all part of 3 levels, even though some people may say there are 7 or 33 or more.

So are there good human beings in freemasonry and Christianity or Catholicism? Of course there are. So I may take part in some ritual and it may give some kind of cohesion to society, some order a coming togetherness, but what matters is the content and quality of my heart and what my intention is. If I kneel at the alter of baal or lucifer or the sun god and The Beloved is in my heart and mind, if my family and my friends and there happiness is my concern then you do not kneel to anything degenerate. Your mind and heart contain the “right stuff” nothing binds you, accept holding to silly rituals and secret oaths. The second you do not hold to them they are gone.

Sometimes these gatherings give a sense of belonging, but I would be careful what supports you. If those structures were rotten then a wind might come along and flatten them. Make sure you are not flattened. Make sure that your purpose is a good one and you have built momentum in a beneficial manner for the upliftment of yourself and humanity. That way if those establishments were to disappear, you will still have that goodness and delight in your heart.

So even though the establishments are rotten, full of corruption and traps for the aspiring human being, there are those who hold their integrity and exist in Christian/Catholic and Masonic areas. But be aware that both structures or pillars are trying to trick the decent human being to accepting a luciferian spirit through eroding their faith in anything but pleasure of the mind. There are many who have been tricked into trying to convince and manipulate the public to rewire there internal construction to bypass the heart/feeling and for energy to rise straight into the mind. Thus not having the Beloved in the heart. Which allows luciferian energy to enter the mind… which is a horror. This energy is being removed from the planet as I speak 🙂

So its really important to be constantly questioning and sensing that their could be something Immense, perfection with no opposite, beyond all this conflict and chaos and also to cultivate this spirit of adventure and happiness for all.

Perhaps there was a man who did his duty, his job, what he was asked to do and what he was equipped to do. This man that we refer to as Jesus the saviour, may have changed the direction of humanity through his connection to the Divine. However we are all sons and daughters of God, some of us have to gather more experiences to have “God” in their hearts. This will happen when they have the internal power to deny and sense that which is non beneficial for themselves and therefore others. We are all learning we are all getting there.

There is a heavier burden on those that have a heart stuffed full of The Beloved and some human beings are called to do extraordinary things, quietly, humbly always kneeling before God, humanity and the Divine. They do what is necessary and what is asked of them. However the power to do those things does not come from that human being but from an area which cannot be measured, is infinite, absolute perfection, beyond all knowledge, language and symbols cannot contain it. What is essential to understand is that the man is just a man doing his job. That human being is not to be worshiped. Thanked and gratitude, yes, but not worshiped, never. It is the Beloved and Divine who have brought this great change about. It is their energy, the human being is just a facilitator or willing servant and lots of the time not even willing!

In their lies the trick of Christianity. Humanity manifests a so called saviour by our lack of self knowledge, we are tricked into dead ends, then the Divine has to act for the goodness of all so that none are lost. Now, such a human being cannot save you per se, but what they can do is keep evil away from human beings and supply self knowledge whilst a transition takes place. If the Divine did not bring about this situation then we would be blocked in a dead end, so it is necessary.

Going back to the various “Levels” within society, this is the so called great secret and in every field wherever you have experts or masters of their craft they will influence the people on the lower levels. This system of levels is false and therefore will come to an end. The system that we have is better than no system, which would lead to chaos. We need order within for their to be order in society, however as it stands society dictates the order within as humanity has lost contact with nature and the natural rhythms of the Uni-verse.

Across the entire planet, humanity must create a new momentum towards helping one another in our thoughts, daily activities and hearts. We must always be questioning whether there is something immense, something beyond our vision, something exciting.

We are trying to ignite a star in our hearts, to do this we must feed ourselves adventurous, delightful, exciting thoughts, feelings to really get the heart going, so that we can contain immensity.

These 3 levels correspond with the body in the following manner:

The core or gut area in the body is the seat of consciousness and your connection to your soul. This area has to be kept very strong, its important to exercise the core muscles. “You” start here and will end here.

You then rise into your heart, depending on what your heart contains, which is dependent on your experiences and how you have “felt” them. Have you become hard or are you full of empathy and compassion. Do you refuse to betray humanity or are you still undecided. If the Beloved is with you this energy then directs thought.

The brain or your psychological frame of mind, is determined by your ability to deny that which is non beneficial in the heart. If the heart is full of light through the gathering of experience and not becoming callous as a result of gathering much experience then the mind will remain in the pure energetic state and not play with saturnic energy. Which is base or degenerate thought. We come out of that when we can put ourselves in the shoes of another and not yield too negativity, but stay light, bright and uplifted.

All of these things take place naturally as we grow and gather experiences in “life”. The base energies, thoughts and desires are transmuted when we can recognise them, see that they are harmful for ourselves and others and therefore deny them. Every human being has to go through this process. We can delay it, but we cannot stop it, there is no giving in… ever!!!


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