Does the decimal system fit with Nature? (and some other stuff :)

The luciferian energy is trying to take over this planet now. It won’t be successful. However it is really important that people understand what is going on and how to keep balance and order within oneself.

If we have an interest in how the weather works, (which is important to me because I enjoy mountaineering, plus I live in the UK and we are getting battered by one unusual weather system after another.) don’t look to another for answers, just look at the weather itself, let the answers come to you. If we are interested, we inquire, the very act of inquiry, without fear or authority, will blossom into intelligence. Or you can go the more conventional route 🙂 where you stuff lots of information in your head that another has written and then at the end you say you “know”. However that knowing is just repetition most of the time. So instead of repeating like a machine which is what we are educated to do, lets find out what we are interested in and begin inquiring.

I use maps regularly because of my job in mountaineering and I like to think that I could pretty much navigate anywhere. However that naturally lead me to ask the question how does my small map of a mountain range in the UK fit into the rest of the world. I know that 1 little square on my map is equal to 1sq km, so what are degrees? Why is the planet divided into 360 of them?

So each 1 degree is 60 nautical miles, not km’s, but miles. Why change our maps to km’s if the world is divided into nautical miles, surely my km’s map won’t fit into a world of nautical miles.

Metric system = false reality = 1 and 0 = male and female principle (needed to create) = 10 = the X factor 🙂 = on and off = mechanisation of everything = electricity = lightning bolt = magic = masonic = memory = trying to create a false reality a false order outside of the Uni-verse the Cosmos = looking for the “god particle” and trying to measure it so that it “knows” that which cannot be known, see how stupid it all is, it doesn’t want to die and now it has the technology to live forever in human beings that are stupid and lack experience.

By the way nautical miles are slightly different if you don’t already know to the ordinary mile. A nautical mile takes in the curvature of the earth into its measurement and is used at sea, hence the term “nautical”.

So after learning to navigate on land, it might be a good next step to move into learning about navigation at sea. Then once you’ve mastered that the sky, then space… its so natural and interesting, and that naturally leads to sacred geometry and mathematics, instead of stuffing book knowledge in peoples heads, learn through exploring the environment we live in, and you have to do that so that you have a grasp of anything!

Now your probably wondering why I am mentioning this. I mention it because I am interested in how the world is divided up. Another question is why are there 360 degrees in a circle? why does it take 365 days to orbit the Sun? why are there 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day?

Its important to know how the world is divided without this understanding you cannot grasp geometry, mathematics or navigation because none of it makes sense, you cannot possibly have an integral understanding of your environment which is the planet earth and then space… the very understanding of our environment, the very questioning leads to intelligence… not repetition and a piece of paper from a psychopathic institution which gives you authority, gives you position. There is no authority.

Think it out for yourself. Anyway… I digress if that’s how you say it… coming back to the weather.

I start by just looking at the patterns, then I look at the patterns at different heights which you can do with this amazing program and I notice that what takes place at sea level height in terms of weather, is caused a lot by what takes place at a much higher height in the atmosphere.

I carry on looking at the patterns and I wonder whether the direction of rotation of the planet has anything to do with the speed of wind at the highest point in our atmosphere, as we hurtle through space (is space just space? does it contain nothing, dont let any nutter tell you the answer inquire for yourself, they will say “dark matter” and all different kind of things but just keep on inquiring don’t believe any authority, don’t disbelieve them either, just listen and look, don’t accept).

Does the sun affect wind speed on the atmosphere of our planet, is that affected by the movement of space, does space move? is there a solar wind? a wind which comes off the sun? Is the sun the greatest power source in our solar system? yes obviously it is. Can we watch the weather on the sun to gauge what our weather will be like? Is the output from the sun constant or does it change minute by minute? If the sun is sending lets say just for example 1 billion watts of energy to planet earth at 10.56am and at 10.59 it sends 1.2billion watts of energy, what affect might that have on the weather? the amount of energy in the air? chi/prana? thought, consciousness, emotion?

This is not really what I was going to talk about, but just on a final note about the energy the planet receives from the sun, might it be possible that some individuals and groups might wish to limit the amount of sun light the planet receives to bring about a certain situation…

So going back to the luciferian delusion, i mention the weather in the upper atmosphere impacting the weather at sea level height because its like this for human beings in a spiritual sense. There are many component parts to a human being. The brain, the body and emotion. But it goes further than this and all the dodgy monkey priests who have put themselves in positions of authority around the planet and who “know” or have been initiated into the so called secret teachings and all that… disgustingness… well anyway they tell humanity what we are…. very few find out for themselves, as they do not have the tools. The tools have been removed so that no sense can be made, no forward path can be ploughed by the ordinary human being.

They are fully aware that knowledge of your environment, internally and externally is necessary. So we need knowledge and we look to specialists to give us knowledge because we do not have the capacity to work it out, so we think.

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times but unless a change actually takes place in your brain then you havn’t figured it out which means your stuck under the authority of another, its only when the mind is free of the one who “knows” that we inquire for ourselves and we do not look to another. That implies that you do not know, which is truth you do not know, you have been told a million things, but you do not know, if you knew then your life would be radically different…. so not knowing and being honest is humility and no honest inquiry can take place without it. The very not “knowing” creates the immense energy of interest of excitement the type a child has when they look at space or the sea… its fascinating until someone comes along and says let me tell you what that is… and if you believe them then its over for you…. you will build your house on that.

A foundation of goodness is necessary, a foundation of doing no harm to another, a feeling of not knowing leads to intelligence which far surpasses the accumulation of the known = knowledge.

So to investigate what is actually going on in the world and not what we think is going on in the world there has to be an observation where we do not think, but we just look and listen. That can only take place when the right foundations have been laid. Which is what I am learning to do and I just want to share with the rest of you, how, to me this process works. Because I don’t know 😉 just making suggestions.

That is another problem when we follow people, eventually when no change in the psyche comes you become so discontented you wont follow anyone, you will stand!

But coming back to what is happening right now that is dangerous across the planet and it is filtering down to ordinary people through the media, secret societies and this idea of uniting the whole planet. You see the so called new world order wishes to unite everyone under the luciferian energy, however this can only take place if the individuals connection to their SOUL is loosened.

So that is what the jesuits, rosicrustations and so called higher orders of the masons and innumerable other hidden organisations are trying to acheive  with all their followers. Anybody who does not agree to this energy being put in a person is a terrorist or is targeted. One of the biggest problems they have is that the Universe is ordered perfectly for the highest benefit or good of all…. even though sometimes we may think that is not the case, its just been a hell of a learning curve for mankind. As many of us just want knowledge we are not interested in integrity or finding out actually what we are, we delve too deep, without any type of spiritual foundation, we tread where Angels fear to tread. We can give up all that we have gained over an eternity in one lifetime.

So when we submit totally and then let go, you better be careful what you submit too and what you let go of. Those people across the planet that have let go of all the treasures in there heart, they have let go of all their sorrow, the magicians have taken it away, what a horror of unbelievable magnitude, a new energy has come into them and that is the luciferian energy. This is happening on a massive scale all the way across society everywhere.

Like I said before there are many different parts to a human being, just like the weather which is influenced from high up in space, so do humans have areas that we know nothing about and nothing can be known, or contained in knowledge.

However you have been told about them by priests over the centuries, they have through secret societies filtered down their mystic teachings to humanity and humanity now accepts those teachings as true.

To discover if something is true you have to work it out for yourself and if you cannot do that, then you cannot find out the truth. If your brain does not function or it has become too slow then it needs cleaning and speeding up!

To find out if there is a Soul and all the other areas beyond what we can work out rationally and not be told by another, we first have to figure out how thought functions. If we do not understand that thought is memory responding to a challenge, that is the past responding to the present then we cannot understand the function of the mind.

And before all of that we have to lay the right foundations which can be done really quickly when we have a little self knowledge. I’ve talked about that in previous posts.

Another aspect of the luciferian delusion is that it wishes to reveal the truth of what has been going on in secret. So that it can be seen as the truth, because it revealed the truth. Now all the people on this planet who are working directly for that agenda are revealing the “truth”. However the very chaos and horrors that have been caused in the past and the current day are the result of that evil that is revealing the truth.

Something alien wants to live in human beings, something wishes to control us, a virus of sorts, that wishes to by pass the nature of humanity. Many will argue that mans nature is variable, but thats all just a lack of experience and compassion, which we call self interest or survival of the fittest… its legend has been handed down through religions as a warning, however its much more real than that.

Its origin is in space and it is not part of the conflict of the opposites, which is just a learning process. People of the negative order on this planet now think that there god is this luciferian energy. However its just like a virus that worms its way into those who are either corruptible, stupid, gullible or very tired. It can only work through secrecy, cannot operate when there is light, it has been trying to cut off the light to this planet for sometime through changing the composition of the atmosphere to prevent certain rays of light hitting the eyes of human beings.

It is the mind being divorced from the heart. It is mind gone mad. The self thinks itself god. Sociopath normally equals  psychopath.

Its hosts are worshiped by most as stars of the media… it doesn’t have much time left and it knows this and its desperate to get the consent of the majority of human beings on this planet so that it can rule and stay here, but to do that it needs human beings to create a new false order. But that cannot be allowed to happen, its very engine, time, is ticking and truth is its enemy. Like a virus that has remained unknown, moving silently through humanity, causing chaos, humanity is beginning to sense it, the consciousness of mankind is waking up… soon the light of our consciousness will see it in its entirety, vanquishing that which has enslaved and harmed our growth for millenia.

It can only live in you if you give up what you are, it cannot exist where there is light. If that has happened and you want out, then state that loud and clear with all your heart and you will be lead to the write information.

It has many parasitical life forms that have been overtaken by its energy, they come from far and wide, all over space in actual fact. Whether you are interested in hearing this or not and many are not! many fully believe that in a Universe which is (to the human mind) infinite in every direction, with more stars than can be counted, that this planet is the only one with intelligent life, life is only here! Anyway these monkeys that have to be invited to the planet, have been negotiating with politicians, priests and military men as to which countries to infest and migrate too for quite sometime.

Well anyway theres another light hearted post by me…. which I’m sure many will disbelieve, but again those who are involved in that area you better come out of your own volition or you will be left with what you are!

To be honest I don’t really like writing about this stuff but nobody else is, its a horrible area. Brighter days are on the horizon, do not fear.

I once read = A small stone, if placed well, can change the direction of a river, so it will be with a few people on this planet and the direction of humanity.


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