Choose your thoughts for your highest good and greatest joy

“Choose your thoughts to be aligned with all that is for your highest good and greatest joy.”

I read the above quote and I thought to myself, that would be great to write a post about. I’m not entirely sure what I will say about it, but its so true. And in keeping with the necessity of establishing right foundations, is it not essential that we choose our thoughts to be on the highest level, not because we are being false but because we see the necessity of a behaving in this manner.

Once we have begun to feel things deeply and not be ignore-ant or callous, then we begin to see the necessity of keeping ourselves uplifted and uplifting others, as we would wish to be uplifted.

Its just a natural process of life of growth, I know I repeat myself, but if we don’t prevent it then we grow inwardly. We begin to empathise, to feel compassion. Once we are really compassionate and don’t yield and yet remain uplifted without malice then we have learnt how to consistently hold the pure energetic state physically,  psychologically and emotionally.

To do all that and not be false then we must have great depth of experience and not be crushed by its weight or be full of hatred. To understand that their is light in everyone regardless of what they have done, to learn how to forgive and let go, and also to forgive yourself.

Do not hate anyone, hate hatred. Reject and deny all malicious thought, fight with all your heart, and body. But for what purpose?

If we have not felt The Beloved, if we have never sensed the immense joy of that happiness then why fight so hard?

Because we will only undertake the above fight with ourselves if we have felt this indescribable feeling.

I trust that if you begin to “sense” that there maybe some kind of indescribable beauty beyond all this struggle Something immensely mysterious that has no opposite, then you will one day wake up to this “feeling”.



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