Right Foundations must be established

We want knowledge without laying the right foundations. We want to go beyond without learning how to feel things deeply. We long for the mystical or some form of satisfaction or power or to “know”. This business of always wanting to know is feeding the mind, the more you feed the mind and therefore build up the self, the more you move away from setting the right foundations.

We can put everything in order, the mind, emotions and bring all the subtle bodies together, through meditation and various hidden practices, we can control our environment and manipulate others to do as we please, we can free ourselves of fears and think of ourselves as invincible and that we have conquered death, we can be worshiped by all who know us because of our so called upgrades, but all of that is a trick. You have to go back to the start again, you have to become like nothing. All because we do not understand what it means to be a human. Perhaps we are not patient or we have been misled.

Either way the right foundations have to be laid. You cannot progress without them. All the other ways lead to dead ends… literally. So take a step back if you need too and some will need to take quite a few steps back and reconsider.

When we thirst for experience, when we desire to have experiences, adventures and we feel them, not say “i won’t feel them… blah blah, blah” Then we need to meet those experiences, those situations with all our energy with all our feeling, our heart and all and not yield or hate just because someone is not nice to us, you have to use all your energy to fight this inward hardening or hatred.

I dont care if some of you have hardened, or you hate, or you think your too old, or you’ve gone too far…. none of that matters in slightest, as long as your heart is still beating you can make a massive step in the right direction, very quickly. All will be put right, but we can bring this around much faster if we can see that the road ahead is blocked.

So to establish this solid foundation which we can build on we have to feel our experiences and not harden ourselves and create this worldly personality that withdraws or becomes content with little. Do not yield, if you have yielded then UNYIELD! (see previous posts 🙂

Your fighting to hold onto your feelings, your compassion, because there is an energy that always tries to lead you away through knowledge or satisfaction or escape or forcing you to yield, forcing you into dead ends. This happens as long as we don’t understand the consequences of our actions. So we go along these paths and most of the time we yield our store house of treasures one way or another…. but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

The lord of the rings…. that which binds…. contracts, rings, oaths, saturn/satan/santa, good stuff to know!

When we see danger we act, I WILL NOT GO THAT WAY! Strengthen your core, inflate your chest and STAND! Do not give in, life takes its toll but you WILL heal.

As we gather empathy and compassion through experiences, the heart fills with light. You need to remain physically strong not to yield, have to have this sense of integrity…. and of course pursuing happiness, always.

Your idea of happiness will change from just pursuing pleasure, to happy people and relationships and then onto Something Else, you wont be satisfied or content, you are content because you are not holding yourself properly. The holding of “feeling” without yielding or giving in, awakens greater feelings of delight, joy a thirst grows for more joy and happiness, not just pleasure and escape.

Music can really speed up this process! ohh and dance, really dancing 🙂 have you heard that saying “have you seen me dancing, really really dancing” well if you can learn how to gather these treasures of the heart, you will probably dance, in fact once you have seen someone really really dance you will never be the same again, and once you have danced this way…. anyway…

We need to awaken this feeling of yearning for greater and greater delight.

We have so much to look forward too, all of us, we have to take the steps to make it happen, right foundation is essential, there is no other way. Death destroys everything that is not built on right foundations.

You can put the pieces together now, let it percolate in that brilliant brain of yours  I was listening to this whilst typing/dancing…



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