Choose wisely as you create your own reality

What will be our guide if we are not to look to the past, to the religions, scholars and gurus, priests and so on? Who will guide us? Are we not lost without a leader, without the one who knows, the one who teaches?

How can we discover the real nature of ourselves, creation and that which lies beyond? What tools do we need, and where do we start?

Can we start by asking the question what are we? By we I mean human beings, because if we ask this question and we can find an answer for ourselves, then perhaps in understanding what we are, then we are establishing a right foundation for going on and understanding other aspects of creation and also the very important question of whether there is a God, death and so forth.

Today I was thinking about the conflict of the opposites and how there is duality all over the universe, by duality I mean, night and day, male and female, positive and negative and so on. This duality is a beneficial thing for life and humans, for it gives us a form of resistance. Without resistance we would not be able to learn and grow.

There is great beauty and depth to both sides of the coin in regards to the positive and the negative. The seeds of both are contained within us and it is only upon uniting the beginning and the end is this conflict resolved.

However there is evil, it is a type of energy that takes pleasure in harming another. It is allowed access to a human being when the link between emotion and thinking or the heart and the mind is damaged. We all have light in our hearts, depending on how we experience and feel things, and therefore empathize with others. By toil and therefore merit (if they have not cut themselves off from their feelings) we receive humbly an upgrade, or more light. This light dictates our intentions and therefore the direction of our thoughts, it protects us from an energy that is very dangerous and not beneficial for human beings whether from the positive or negative sides of life.

There are some people who have courted this evil in return for knowledge, power and prestige. Secretly they have conspired with that which is despicable, degenerate, repugnant and stands against all things humane. I do not care whether you are part of the positive or negative areas of life, you want to have nothing to do with this energy.

Mostly it is secret masonic, kabalistic, Rosicrucian, Egyptian orders, orders of the sun (as they like to call them), Jesuit’s, Order from Chaos, hells angels, death cults, round table and innumerable other secret and overt societies. They have recruited or dominated nearly all of the negative secret societies, institutions, corporations, organizations with there luciferian dogmas.

They have ALL been tricked, all of it is a maze a maze of the mind, offering pleasures and temporal power.

Many people of the positive orders believe we need to unite the world, the positive and negative but this is just a trick. The positive and negative is resolved in a human being at the point of “enlightenment” or having established one’s goal, becoming a fire with it, and then putting oneself in absolute order. It is not resolved by opening the third eye or preventing inward growth or hiding or balancing energies or accessing the subconscious or anything else as we all need resistance to grow.

We can be all much more understanding of each other, by seeing that we all have negativity and positivity in us, its just we lean one way or another.

They go by the name of luciferians, because that is the name they give to that energy that infects a human being when there spiritual flame is low. They love this god of theres because he looks out for them, he elevates them to positions of power, he energizes them, gives them secret knowledge….. but they have to give something up in return.

Evil is the non-resistance to evil, which leads to taking pleasure in evil. Which draws in an energy, which is destructive to human beings. They call themselves the sons of cain, those who were not loved by the God of Abraham for there acts were wicked.

Which is just a trick so that they cannot grow, it knows what they desire and gives it to them in plenty… it divides, it prevents happiness through a labyrinth of secret knowledge, which has nothing to do with life.

The finer mechanisms of the Universe are beyond the known and that is the way it will always be.

These luciferians, who operate in the highest levels of government, society and especially the dark areas of the secret military industries. Have been in possession of incredibly advanced technologies for the last 100 years, these technologies have been used covertly to access other dimensions and to draw in vampiric,  venomous, viperous, degenerate entities and to let them feast on unaware unsuspecting human beings. This is what the whole UFO, extraterrestrial area is about.

These dangerous “ET’s” can easily be got rid of as they do not have claim or right to this planet, but have been invited by our leaders, which is all part of a luciferian agenda to break human beings and for us to accept that which is evil, to distract us from who the real enemies of mankind are.

The leaders are selected from a degenerate bunch and polished up, but the core is rotten, they are always offered as a solution to a problem and we vote them in. By proxy they have the authority on this planet. They have been seduced and in secret sell this planet and its contents to a parasitic order.

We cannot be harmed if we do not give up that which we have fought through long hard work and toil. For us to give up our light we must accept that which is being offered to us to distract us. When our focus is constantly on the material parts of life we lose touch with our spirituality, and we are all spiritual beings.

So it is necessary for our attention to be away from the perpetrators and by HOLY-WOOD (the wood of the holy- or a wand) and this UFO or terrorism or soviet, your attention is captured and the illusion remains.

However I can assure you it is the same individuals behind all of this and they are luciferians. To prevent evil from entering into our minds we must keep a clear connection to our spirituality, especially as they are trying to magnify this evil energy in the world.

Without a clear understanding of what a human being is through illusion and deception they can fool a human into accepting an idea that is false.

luciferians are elitists, there premise is survival of the fittest. But also they go further and take pleasure in evil.

So when we understand all of this and what we are, then we can quickly see that those who are dividing humanity are sick. They have brought in and magnified an energy force which is evil and wish for the whole of humanity to worship that which is disgusting.

Degeneracy to me, means going backwards not forward. We may all have a difference of opinions but going backwards is not a beneficial thing, and anyone who has fought evil out of themselves will agree with me. Remember the non-resistance to evil is evil. Do not be content with this situation, do not be satisfied, you do not know what waits at the end of that road, no human should go there, no human can be lost, not one, otherwise we are all finished.

The energy, food, water, weather, corporate, government, intelligence, secret society, law, media, education, military, monarchy, most religious organizations are totally infiltrated and aligned with the luciferian agenda which leads to the destruction of the human being and therefore humanity.

The Divine order by which the cosmos is ordered governs the growth of life, eventually for all things to be exemplary, beautiful and with great integrity and order and in turn helps those that are climbing the ladder of life behind them. luciferians or those that have divided themselves from divine order of life are trying to create their own separate reality which is not ordered by the cosmos and instead is ordered by themselves or god men as they like to call themselves, creators of their own reality and every one else are slaves … of course.

So where would that leave humanity… to be human is to be humane?

To be separate from life from the natural order and merit which has been in place since before the beginning of time so that beings can come to this planet to gain experience and grow, psychologically, spiritually and physically whether positive or negative. Negativity does not imply the destruction of the human being, but only a path of learning.

Since the beginning of time human beings have grappled with the idea of what is God, Allah, the Creator or whatever we call it. Religions have been established mostly by Divine inspiration for the betterment of human beings even though malicious hands have meddled, but there core message and structure have remained preserved.

This was done, in my opinion, because when the mind does not have an image in it, in regards to what God is, then we find it very difficult to move forward spiritually. A clue and perhaps solution to this lies in understanding what convenience, satisfaction or satisfying, contentment is? Are you content? Are you satisfied with what you have been told about your Creator, the image, the story is it good enough for you.

If its not, then the next step is to feel your way into a feeling that grows when we are not satisfied with the material world, even though we may have had everything, tasted it and so forth. A feeling remains, or can be awakened….. is there something more, something infinite, beyond thought, imagination, beyond time, beyond description. Can it be in my life? Can It be felt? Can I reach it? Will it come to me? Absolute order of the mind is necessary to go further, when the mind has become absolutely silent, not through force, but through self understanding only is this possible. Also your spiritual flame of discontent with everything, every experience must be a flame a great fire, a fire of life.

Soon when we are ready I will talk about how we can establish absolute order in the mind without force…. But first the right foundations have to be laid!

Feel your way into spirituality, keep pushing forward do not accept what religious authority or another says. The only thing that can be known about The Beloved is that nothing can be known…. But the feeling will grow if you let it and then with self knowledge we can put ourselves in order and move beyond the barriers of thought and therefore find out for ourselves and not be left begging from degenerate luciferian types who have a box of tricks with answers conveniently supplied. Our protection from that luciferian energy is integrity,  self knowledge not ignorance (to ignore), honesty and keeping your spiritual flame bright. Satisfaction, the pursuit of pleasure or contentment are all a trick. It is the energy of the mind that has divorced itself from the heart, from feeling, from empathy, understanding and compassion and it has to be fought, psychologically with awareness and a refusal to go into hatred, malice, envy, gossip and to stay as positive as possible, with the body, one has to hold tension in the solar plexus if your spiritual flame is low or you have yielded, remember the physicality of determination. With the heart or emotion, we do not accept a state of not caring, we do not accept a state where we are not compassionate.

We must stay passionate, purposeful and keep working on our spirituality.

If we lack purpose we must pursue our interests, keep focused on this task. If you do not know what your interests are you can ask for assistance and ideas, motivation will be supplied to you. Your feeling of purposefulness will return just keep at it.

Its really difficult when we do not know what God is and therefore the mind has no image to store and has no direction and without this direction we can feel lost.

If I may suggest, do not be content with this situation, do not be satisfied. The contentment and satisfaction the mind gains from knowing that it can never know what God is, is a trick and it is used against you.

The mind is always looking for satisfaction, contentment and peace, its trying constantly to resolve unresolved memories experiences and values so it’s always in operation and as a result its constantly looking for peace, satisfaction and contentment.

Let me tell you it is dangerous if it finds it. Also be aware that a mind that is going to sleep is confident, and not using all its energy to meet every situation.

So when the mind is not told what God is by a religious authority or guru of some kind, then we do not “know”. In this state of not knowing, which is a state of humility, then the mind is lost. It does not know where to turn.

Stay in this position if you can, but do not be satisfied with having no relationship with God or the Beloved or however you term it, do not be content. Try and see if you can feel your way into this area. If you can you will be free of all authority on this planet, not so that you can do as you please, but so that you can learn for yourself about that which is beyond thought, time, imagination and propaganda.

To me this is the future of humanity, to ignite this spiritual flame for oneself. Once this understanding has been established on the planet religions will no longer divide mankind, and to be religious will be a personal matter between oneself and ones Maker and not through organizations or religious hierarchy.

It is upto us, to ignite our spiritual flame, it is through our toil, the gathering of experiences and not yielding too, or becoming malicious or hardened by circumstances or experiences and therefore our spiritual flame grows, our heart expands and through merit we receive an upgrade and light descends into us. Our vibration or octave increases, light moves up our chakra system and enters the brain. Self knowledge is necessary then so we can put thought and memory in absolute order and then its done. Eventually all life goes this way, there is no choice, its just we do not realize that yet.

We think there is choice, there is choice on what clothes you wear on how you deal with your experiences, what you think, how you react, but there is no choice when you have gathered much experience, you either wallow in your pain and self pity or you drag yourself out and then you begin to refuse to return to that miserable state, and so you begin to learn about integrity and order.

It is the same for every human being whether rich or poor, educated or not, race, creed, location, the gathering of experience and not yielding leads to an upgrade and so we progress. It does not have to be a process that takes many lifetimes, with diligence, self understanding, the gathering of experience, a stout heart, and focus all can be done and dusted in one lifetime. This is how it was originally designed its just we are so easily distracted with stupid pleasures and toys, we do not know why we are here! We have not discovered our purpose and for many people we have not even discovered our interests.

The final part to the puzzle of uniting all human beings not through force or another ideology, organization, religion or dictatorship is to do with what we are and how we accumulate, store and analyze information, knowledge and experiences.

We are all different, unique, different ideas, backgrounds, experiences, opinions, conditioning (climatic, geographic) class structures, languages, traditions, new and old, wealthy, poor, educated and those who do not have opportunities, the oppressed, bourgeois, religious beliefs and so forth. How can we come together as human beings when so much separates us, we are so divided, internally and therefore externally.

However the one thing we all have in common is the way the brain functions. We store knowledge and experiences in memory and these form the basis for our personality, beliefs, ideas and so forth.

I was born in a Christian family with middle class ideas in England. That conditioning, experience and knowledge formed my opinions and ideas on the rest of humanity and the world.

If I had been born in Iraq with Muslim parents within an upper class environment, I would obviously form my ideas around those experiences, those traditions, those outlooks.

Notice that for both human beings the processes of the mind were the same, the storing of knowledge and experience in memory. When we then go and meet a challenge the brain responds by creating an electrical signal, which moves from memory cell to memory cell, we call this thought.

If the brain is not badly damaged then this takes place in every human being, regardless of sex, race, geographical location, conditioning or any other ideology.


Work it out for yourself and realize the implications of that self knowledge. Because that’s all it is, self knowledge, knowledge of what we are as humans, why we have chosen a particular religion or set of ideas. It does not mean we should have no ideas, but be very careful of ideas or religions that tell you what God is or how to reach God, or ideas which are conditioned into us that divide us. In understanding what we are and then seeing what is false and what is real is the uniting factor.

You do not have to try, you just have to see. Knowledge of what we are is essential and it is this knowledge that is denied to the world in the hope that you will not make the jump to discover who you really are and that you are the same as all human beings and therefore unite. We can then go onto discover for ourselves what God or Allah is, it is up to you.

You are about to be offered the luciferian god, which comes in two forms, energetically and probably physically. Which basically means that the luciferians (broad name for those who worship that which is against human beings) are trying to create a human being who has no resistance at all to evil and therefore is the embodiment of that energy. More than likely they will present this poor person as some kind of savior. Well this man or woman will be in serious trouble, but they wont realize it and as the legends go could lead many people astray.

The luciferian way is to believe that you yourself are god, you are creating. Which is just a sickness of the mind. That energy feeds that sickness.

So it is our responsibility not to be satisfied with the way we are, with our situation and the world. You cannot know what God is, but you can feel your way into this area.

Know implies the known, which is the past, the past is being repeated in memory and thought. How can that which is infinite, cannot be stored in books, in the past, rituals, organized religions nothing can be uttered or said about that which is beyond time, knowledge of that which is dead. Its all dead, all the books, all the past, we live with that which is dead.

Regardless  if we all just do our bit then in no time the world will be a heaven, everything we do has an effect on everybody else, the energy we give off effects all our friends families and all the people they interact with. We lead by example, so be an example, be positive, do beneficial things for society, find out what your interests are, what your passions are and pursue them, don’t be afraid. Or should I say be afraid, but pursue them anyway, have courage, it gets easier.

Happiness is the ultimate goal for all of humanity, not the pursuit of pleasure, or peace, contentment or satisfaction…. But not to stop until everyone is really happy. Not just with something that they have purchased or how they look or all their fans, that’s just pleasure, makes people self conscious and sick, but real happiness, that comes from doing the things you like, putting yourself in order, good relationships, and having fun doing the things that really make you excel, not in comparison to another, which causes envy, jealousy, but just to be the best you can be, remain humble and do no harm.

It is a heart full of the sorrows of life and has walked the path of experience that is humble. Do not give your treasures of the heart away, by escaping and pursuing pleasure endlessly, this has to come to an end at some point.

“Every moment is a new beginning point. You have the power of your own mind to use in any way you choose.  Choose wisely as you create your own reality.”


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