Fat Tiger

Well after my somewhat heavy post yesterday I wanted to talk about just living on the surface of things and not really getting down deep into stuff.

I think a lot of people think that if they get into things too much they will start to feel negative, that maybe true. But its important to be able to put yourself in the shoes of another. That way you are growing not only through your own experience but also through the eyes of other people.

We call this empathising. When we can empathise with most situations, having either gathered the experience of how it feels ourselves or through looking through the eyes of another, this turns into compassion, which means passion for all.

Why would we want to develop and grow in this way if it leads to sorrow and pain? How could we remain happy and positive if everything effects us so deeply?

There has to be something else, something that does not yield, something that always perseveres, is always hopeful and optimistic.

I have spoken before about the pure energetic state before, that exists in all human beings. This can be awakened and sustained when we feel things deeply and do not yield. When we feel things deeply we are under huge inward pressure, this emotional pressure sustains and keeps the pure energetic state bright.

Once we have ignited this we do not give in! You have to fight to stay this way now…. humility and the pursuit of happiness will be your main aim now.

Unless we go though this process of laying the correct foundations then meditation, awareness, awakening the senses, religion, enlightenment, the pursuit of pleasure and all the other avenues of escape have no meaning.

You have to stay positive, do not yield to hopelessness, I know how hard this process is, everything in life must pass this way. It is the process of “life” to grow physically, psychologically, emotionally and eventually spiritually.

Your spiritual growth goes hand in hand with your depth of emotions, your refusal to become negative, or to yield to evil psychologically. As you begin to feel more you will do no harm. It those who lack experience that persist in harming others… they do not know what it is like to be on the receiving end! but they will the Universe will show them.

Be happy and excellent.

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