Naked Monkeys

I think it works like this:

We start negative and through “feeling” experiences we begin to gain integrity and resist evil. We are beginning to reject that which is negative or base and that resistance causes growth.

In becoming more positive and rejecting that which we feel to be harmful what is taking place?

We are resisting the negative. So division is created. We see and have experienced the effects of being a particular way and we say no longer will I behave like that.

Division between the negative folk and the positive folk. Inward psychological division between that which we do not wish to be and that which we wish to be.

From negative to positive.

Duality, conflict of the opposites all over the Universe… Male and Female, light and darkness and so on.

Now a lot of people have opened up their third eye and try to balance the energies and all that nonsense but that is a trick and it prevents growth.

When we have had enough of fighting the negative. When we can feel and see the result of that fight, how it escalates to violence and hatred, when we have had enough of the conflict of the opposites, whats the next step?

In that very fight, there is a lack of understanding, compassion and love.

A point comes when we just no longer wish to be a part of that.

At this point we must ignite the pure energetic state that exists in all humans.

A state that meets every situation with as much energy as it can muster. A full heart that wont give in and wont cause harm.

We can sense a happiness on the horizon a goal….

We are purifying, elevating ourselves. We are growing through feeling of experiences and self knowledge.

In this energetic state we search for happiness, but nothing fulfills, we are alone even though we are surrounded by others.

One day we ask the question is there anything else, anything beyond all of this wearisome pleasures that always turns into pains.

Discontent begins to grow, but we refuse to be evil, to do harm to anyone or anything. If we do, we apologise and make amends.

If you get here you must learn how to feel your way into spirituality, into the adoration of that which has no name, has no opposite, beyond thought and time.

You will gather more feeling and experience. Your discontent will grow it will become a flame and no longer will you be able to live without the Beloved in your heart, in your life. You will gain self knowledge for the transformation that is about take place.

You will put your life, mind, body and emotions in absolute order. The Beloved will dwell in you, and you will know real happiness, intelligence, excellence, joy and Love.

These foundations have to be set so that we can all make the next step.

It fairly simple. The actual doing is really difficult. But that is the process of life, we can do it now and get it over with in this life or we can postpone it indefinitely until we have suffered enough or escaped enough and then the heart begins to feel, long for something else.

negative- we do negative things

positive- we no longer wish to be negative because we have felt the results of our actions

pure energetic state- we refuse to hate, or send hatred back to evil, we persevere in the pursuit of happiness.

We are caught in the conflict of the opposites, for the world to come together we have to realise that in each human being when we have gathered enough experience the pure energetic state will become bright, if we are not content…. do not be content, its a trap!!!



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