Have you been broken on the rocks of life?

Have you been broken on the rocks of life? Do not lose hope!

If you find yourself in the position where you have no passion or purpose any longer or you have been broken or forced to yield in life and it is severe enough that you can no longer maintain your light, then follow these steps.

I have gone through this and it is rare that this might happen, but if it does, then remember, what ever you do, do not give up! Things will be tough for awhile, but you will get through it, there is no choice, there is no giving in… ever. Its not accepted in the universe…. Fact.

You will have lost the treasures of your heart through not holding tension in your solar plexus area. It is essential for this area of the body to be very strong.

Hold tension day and night in the solar plexus area, build the muscle up in your core, do yoga morning and evening. Breath into the bottom of your belly force it out this will help with keeping tension in between breaths. Just keep at it.

You need to keep physical tension in the body to hold light, to hold that which you are, to hold emotion, momentum and the result of experience. When we yield we are yielding physically, psychologically and emotionally. Each area needs to be worked on now with persistence.

You need to positively affirm all the time. When you feel dizzy or if you feel you are losing consciousness or feeling without hope keep on reading positive messages of hope, that helped me, little sayings I found on the internet.

Music is amazing at reinvigorating your spirit, your light. Find music that stirs you that energizes you, play it often and play it loud.

Repeat this everyday, “I will not yield!” mean it. I will be determined, I will be happy, I will be positive and optimistic, I will be compassionate, diplomatic and caring. I will not let fear divide or fragment me!

Now when people say “I will” affirmations a lot, then they can forget to be caring, diplomatic and compassionate.

Keep your focus on your heart center.

Be purposeful, constantly be finding people, situations and environments where you can interact, and relate. Be with the world even if you are not very presentable in thought or action, just get out there, volunteer or whatever but stay busy.

Find out where your interests are and pursue them, they will turn into passions. Day after day, stick with it, you will become a passionate purposeful human being again.

Start with small things, do you want to make some music, try make some wooden boxes or tidy an area…. Best to keep busy and purposeful… keep positively affirming, what we affirm becomes the outcome, what we think becomes our life. Whilst you are rebuilding your storehouse of light, love and experience in the heart(which translates as internal pressure on the body), you will want to be creating situations that are not negative and thus trapping you into an environment of always giving in or yielding! You are fighting yourself, so fight to be happy fight to be positive.

If this thing has happened to you, the whole of creation is with you fighting, helping, they know how immensely difficult this situation is. But do not lose hope as surely as the sun rises in the morning so you will rise, and through overcoming these trials you will inspire and help other people.

You may need to look into your chakras and learn how to ground yourself again. You can do this by breathing deeply and properly. You can imagine a tail coming out of your spine into the ground and wrapping itself around the planet. Another way is to feel roots growing out of your feet into the earth, feel rooted to the earth. The main way of grounding is to eat some protein in the morning and breathing properly.

What you are doing is rebuilding yourself. You need to get really fit, but most important is to make the solar plexus area, the core really strong, because there is a physicality to determination, being able to hold oneself.

I will get to the top of this hill!

Remember to stay optimistic, positive, because you will tend towards the negative now and you need to fight this. You need to fight your own propensity to become negative and destructive.

You may lose all your friends, but don’t worry you will have other friends and when you have put yourself back together again you will be able to go back to them and put everything right.

Be in nature. It is healing. Find places either locally or in the world that are special and when you are in that special spot ask for help, ask to be healed. Go there often and know that you are being helped. Hold yourself.

This world is dangerous for someone who has this great passion in them who is constantly looking for life and fighting inwardly. There is always hope, never forget that and remember all you have to do is hold tension day and night in your solar plexus area and keep positively affirming, keep being hopeful and you will make it just doing these things. But you may also find that you are completely rebuilding yourself in the process and day by day things will just get better and better.

Be patient with yourself, believe in yourself and stand.

You may feel broken or that you have yielded, that’s ok you will rebuild yourself and there will be help, but you need self knowledge and I am trying to supply this to help you along.

Maybe a good idea is to support your thyroid and adrenals when looking to rebuild yourself as I believe they contain the chemicals necessary for us to have the “umph” to do what we need to do in life. I use lugols iodine, just a few drops everyday.

You need to rebuild your spirit, your light. Music, positive affirmations everyday, brisk walks, holding tension in the solar plexus, fight to have integrity, and positivity. Look into the sun either first thing in the morning or in the evening the last hour before it goes down as its not so bright. Be careful with your eyes. The light goes into you and recharges you. Walking briskly, breathing deeply and rapidly, listening to music you love, walking towards the sun, refusing to be negative.

If you believe in Something beyond all this confusion and pain, now would be a good time to make a plea or step towards It, nobody can tell you how to do this, you just have to do it, do not be content, do not search for peace.

Only the penitent man/woman will pass J

Breathing in through the nose for 4, hold for 7, breath out through the mouth for 8…. Repeat in the morning and evening. If you want to improve this exercise imagine blue light entering you when breathing in and on the out breath see the whole world becoming blue…. Feel your eyes becoming clearer, sharper, see everything becoming brighter. Drawing in life.

Stay away from negative situations and people, keep conversations light and as positive as possible. Do things in small doses, be careful of your emotional output. Have lots of patience and care for yourself in every way, good healthy food, lots of water, time in nature.

In this manner we can un yield, physically, psychologically and spiritually if we persist. Always remember…..

“u can’t make a rainbow without a little rain.” Or a lot in some cases J

The last thing is momentum. You have got to create it again and you have got to really get it going. Momentum towards a goal, towards something you want to do, an interest or passion. Make sure its beneficial for you and the Universe and your momentum will grow and you will see before long you will be an unstoppable force of good, full of purpose and beyond the trivialities of life. People will look to you as a beacon a shining example, you will never yield or lose your momentum again…. A tough life lesson will have been learnt.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

We are going to be excellent you and me, we are going to be free of fear, happy, positive and optimistic. We are going to create a momentum in this and this will create great joy in our lives. Success will be achieved both physically and spiritually, we will be learn to be really excellent, integral and happy human beings.

Everybody’s situation is different, we are inquiring how to find our passion purpose and life again, just be careful with yourself. These are things that helped me, for most people it wont be important but for some I hope it helps.


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