Pure Energetic State

I was thinking today about the positive and the negative and how this affects life. So many people on this planet now are part of secret societies and systems, they have opened up their third eye and various other faculties. Most have done this prematurely and that can cause problems for society the planet and the growth of that individual. Subtly we are seduced by power… corruption, lack of integrity! lack of self knowledge and experience.

There are many things for us to discover in regards to our capabilities, but if you are encouraged to pursue these hidden areas before the time is right, or before it would take place naturally, then we can damage our growth. Because a human being mind will open naturally at the right time when the conflict of the opposites has been resolved and gone beyond. Many do not sense the danger or have the patience… many are seduced by power from the left and right.

Both the positive and the negative have their roots in each other. However when the time is right a pure energetic state is maintained, not through force but through the gathering of all experience and denying that which is evil or non beneficial.

This is not negative or positive it is growth, it is the future of all life. Everybody is throwing energy around and trying to manipulate others but this can never be resolved.

We are negative but through gathering experience and not yielding or becoming satisfied we begin to resist that which is harmful. We begin to become more positive and a time comes when we are repulsed by the negative and the negative is repulsed by the positive. Its just energy and growth, its “life”. We need resistance for growth.

There are monkeys in the background that understand exactly how this process works and they wish to divide mankind even more, so that it becomes untolerable so that ultimately we submit to a false mechanized reality. Where we all lose ourselves.

These “monkeys” as I call them, work through secret societies to invite and seduce gullible people of influence within communities and around the world. They cleverly explain that the positive and negative are at odds and so on and on and on…. until you have a whole army of people secretly at war.

Both positive and negative have their roots in each other and if you hadn’t been so gullible and opened your third eye and other faculties you would have no problem growing and living your life…. but now you find (if you are involved in this area) that the energies of duality are too strong and you cannot live your life normally, you cannot grow! Such is the danger of opening faculties before the timing is right!

But not to worry…. let me tell you of another state.

There is a pure energetic state which denies the maliciousness of both the left and right. It comes about when we have had enough of playing that game, the game of the conflict of the opposites. When we have had enough hating people, when we are sick of division we will refuse to hate, to harm.

When we can remain in this state and we do not give in then we are now really growing.

What has happened on the planet. Why do so many people find religion and spiritual organisations distasteful, wrong, hypocritical and ignorant (to ignore)? If that is the right word.

There is the:

the heart, the head and the body

spirit, mind, body

positive, negative, pure energetic state

All of it is coming together when we can deeply feel our experiences. It brings internal conflict, it all becomes ugly and you say I wont be part of that…. I refuse to do harm. So we have got to be careful not to get trapped in the conflict of the opposites. It has to be navigated carefully. We play in that area until we say no more.

That pure energetic state is in every human being but we must accumulate experience and not yield… and not be content… the pursuit of happiness is all that matters once we have felt this pure energetic state. Happiness for all.


Now quite a lot of people live in this pure energetic state, but the next step is to really feel your experiences deeply, which implies a “full heart” putting yourself in the shoes of another, empathy, compassion… which will lead to discontent which is not anger or comparison. Struggle with yourself and you will begin to feel this.

Many in the hidden world resist this happiness, they mistakenly think that it is a conflict of the opposites. But that is the beginning of going beyond the opposites. That is the purpose of “life”. That is the end of division. They fear losing power if they let that energy into the world. Or are they controlled…

That which is beyond duality, beyond all knowledge has no opposite! It cannot be known = knowledge, but we can feel our way into it.

Discontent is born when we maintain the pure energetic state…. it becomes a fire…. we need this to make the final step

We long for happiness, we have tasted it, we know that every human being would want this if they could feel what we have felt. This happiness has to be shared.

It goes further……………………………..

Im sorry if all this sounds cryptic, its not meant to. I just want to say that this is the purpose of life, to struggle through the opposites, to grow with empathy and compassion until we are sick of being opposites… Don’t be content… say no to satisfaction 🙂

Many “know” of this path and wish to keep it a secret so that we are always caught in the opposites and anybody who is in this state is to be broken. By the pure energetic state I am not implying enlightenment.

But there power, contracts, secrets are dissolving in their hands…. they have been duped in to betraying that which they are.

So they know of this path and prevent humans from going on it…. but why? do they not realise that happiness is the goal… do they not realise it is their goal…. is there something above these secret societies…. something that is saying you must stop them or they will take control!

stop them stop them… we may all become happy, there may be no division, I can’t have that… please o please let there not be happiness… 😉


But we can all make really good progress on this journey right now in our life… even if for some reason that I cannot think of, you cannot become integral whole….

yes yes thats what i was going to say!

forget religion, forget spirituality, forget mind, heart…. thats all a division, what does it mean to become whole… the monkeys will tell you open your third eye and you will become whole… thats just stupid… so we discount that… they are just seeking power,but we can smell that trap.

the spiritual the religious, the atheist, the believer in life then death, the non believer, the non carer…. all are divisions….

What is the whole? what am I…. what does it mean to be a human being, to be integral, to be whole!!! Its all part of me the spiritual, mental and physical…..

Please don’t think that I am saying that we are Gods! We are the created…. ohh but theres something on the horizon.

If I am excellent psychologically, if I have gathered and felt much experiences and physically I am the best I can be…. these are all three parts but what is a whole action!

You need immense energy and still be grounded…. I am denying the positive and negative I refuse that division, I refuse to hate, I dont want secrets anymore.

We are becoming whole!

The very action of gathering experience, of denying division, of putting the mind in order and body… feeling experiences is religion is spirituality is integrity…. there is no human authority on That which cannot be known, cannot be contained by limitation, books or knowledge or ritual… All have their place but a time has come to go beyond all that and we are all invited to the party!

All of it coming together is the end of division in our body and therefore on this planet and we can do that in a lifetime. Because I know how we can do this and I am going to tell you. I am going to write it all out clearly I fight for this. Its my purpose, its your purpose.

Before I talk more in detail about how we put the mind in order I would like to write about how anybody can un-yield if they have yielded if they have given up. I cant remember if I have written about this already, but its really important… there are certain areas that have to be worked on consistently. But the good news is that everything can be put back in order, i dont care what the problem is I refuse to believe that there is not a solution… theres always a solution! Health, spiritual or psychological.

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