The Physicality of Determination

It is important to be aware of how our physical health effects our spiritual and psychological areas.

Unless you hold yourself physically you will not breath properly, which will limit the amount of oxygen going to your body and more importantly your brain. If the body is not getting enough air through each breath i.e. not taking a full breath then, you will be sluggish, tired, the brain will lack the ability to focus or to hold attention which is all part of awareness.

In the process of waking up the brain has to be very quick so that it can watch each thought as it arises without dividing itself. We have to be in a state, which is constantly passively alert. Watch the animals they will show you how its done.

The body needs to be flexible, strong and sensitive, meaning that your senses are fully awake. Hearing, touch and so forth so you can really feel your body, your arm, leg, face and fingertips. We awaken the senses when we want to be aware of what we are feeling. Do I feel stressed and how does that feel on the body, a tightness a pain somewhere. Through becoming aware of how the body feels we can trace it back to the emotions and to what we are thinking. To do all of this my senses must be fully awake. So you are doing all of this whilst you are finding out about meditation, how to look, listen, psychological time and so forth.

All of this is a process and we are drawing all of it together now that we are becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings and how the emotions create physical response in the body. We are learning about ourselves, we are gaining self-knowledge.

It is important to be aware that the solar plexus area of the body is where light is contained and this area must always be kept strong. If life has been difficult and we have been unfortunate enough to have been placed in a situation where we cannot find a solution to our problem, then sometimes we can be forced to yield. We do this without realizing we have done it. Never the less we can rebuild ourselves. This can be done through holding tension in the solar plexus area day and night (which I can assure you is difficult but absolutely necessary and perhaps imperatively).


The light we carry increases in direct correlation to how we experience experiences. The collection of experiences or events that take place in our life help us to determine whether something is beneficial or not for us. The more we experience the more we carry with us and if we refuse to become negative as a result of our experiences because we see that it is not beneficial to become negative then the heart is expanding and we are drawing in more light.

For the body to support this extra boost of light or to receive an upgrade as some say, it has to have a strong structure from the solar plexus upwards.

When we yield we are giving up our light our life experiences, that are like treasures of the heart. Its like getting off a moving train and stepping back on again at the back, you have to make your way to the front again by gaining life experiences and feeling them. Through this process of accumulation and discarding that which is not beneficial (with affection and care), we come closer to our goal, and you must figure that out for yourself. But by drawing in light by gaining experience and not yielding to negative thinking a flame will ignite, then just add fuel.

To rebuild yourself if you have yielded, like I said before you may need to hold tension in the solar plexus area as the body needs to be under tension so that it can gather and hold light and experience. If there is no tension, which is what happens when we yield or become content, satisfied, then we will find it difficult to stay conscious, alert and to have all our energy. This is dangerous because it is the light that we all carry that protects us from malicious energy. Stay positive avoid negative situations, never yield again, listen to good music, do things that make you happy, spend time in nature, sleep plenty. Stick at it day after day, you will see that it is possible to completely rebuild oneself even from the most dire situations.

I do yoga everyday, 10 minutes in the morning and evening, good brisk walk for at least an hour everyday. You are trying to bring yourself to a state where you can feel your body, breath fully and your brain is quick oxygenated and sharp.

To be able to be intensely attentive we need to be discontented. Need to be in the pure energetic state that comes about through feeling experiences deeply and refusing to yield to negativity. This is what it means to be a warrior.

The physicality of determination…. run, get your core strong, breath deeply with force into the abdomen.

Purposeful, to be full of purpose!

Interests leads to passions leads to purpose

You need to be in really good shape if you wish to go beyond the limitations of thought. Body needs to be strong and supple. Mind needs to be sharp and pursuing excellence. The heart needs to be full of compassion and unyielding in its goodness but also sensing the traps and staying out of them.

Slowly I am building a body of general information (sorry my writing skills are not brilliant) which will give you some ideas hopefully and that will percolate in your brain and then you will naturally ask more questions for yourself, like what is the best exercise to do for me to be on top form? How can the mind become quiet without force? What is intelligence, an action which is totally whole? What does it mean to be really aware, to be fully awake and sensitive without being divided or neurotic? How to bring absolute order to my mind and therefore be free of fear and anger? What is the pure energetic state that exists in all of us and how does it become bright? Why do I need to be thoroughly discontented?What lives what dies?

Because we have to ask these questions, its the purpose of our life 🙂


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