Natural Integral Meditation

What is the accepted general meaning of the word meditation? The quieting of the mind.

But what is the real meaning of meditation? Not the accepted meaning.Image

Perhaps we have noticed that there may not be order in the mind and therefore in our relationships and in the world at large, which is just a reflection of our relationships.

So people who are relatively experienced and not content but still vital and questioning, inevitably ask how to bring order to the mind.

There are lots of different types of mediation all over the world, mantras through repetition of words, which stops the mind thinking about anything else. Focusing on an object, like the Buddha and seeing it in the minds eye and forcing the mind to hold that picture whilst denying all other thought. More recent types of meditation include using a device to change the frequency of the mind to put into a more alert, passive, or sleepy state.

So the question here is, do any of these types of meditation put thought in order or are they forcing the mind into a particular state. For example, by repeating a mantra we force the mind through concentration to only think on those words and nothing else and if we do this for long enough what happens to the mind? Have we put ourselves in order (ourselves being thought, memory) or have we just forced the mind not to think, so it’s a bit like jamming the cogs of a machine, you may break it!

It is the same for internalizing an image in the mind and thinking of nothing else, again it forces the mind not to think, and of course to use a machine to change the frequency of the mind is like taking drugs to change your behavior. In both of those cases you have not understood the root of the problem but are applying an outside agency to change the state of mind. Is that beneficial for a human being?

If you apply a high voltage to the brain you can probably stop it from thinking as well.

Is there another way where perhaps by understanding the mechanism of our mind thought can become quiet on its own without force? Thought being the response of memory, which is the past, can see its place and only think when necessary and not be thinking neurotically all the time.

By understanding what we are, not by what another thinks and accepting their authority on the matter but on what we understand to be true through seeing the truth of it, not as an idea, but as an actual fact. By doing this and investigating in such a manner we are creating the right foundation to be able to learn and discover the truth of all things as they are and not another’s view or truth. So to be free from authority is important. Its not easy.

With this right foundation we can look at what we are. Thought being the response of memory to a challenge. Memory is the storehouse of knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience and memory imply the past and therefore so does thought. So at this point its important to understand psychological time. The constant projection through the imagination from memory into the future. To deny this action is to become aware.

Aware of the body-feeling, aware of our surrounding’s, being able to observe and listen without thought or memory interfering. This is all part of awareness and awareness is part of meditation.

So thought is the response of the past to the present. Why do we constantly think? Why when an event or experience has finished do we carry on thinking about it, constantly going over it in our minds, imagining it? Does it give us a sense of being someone, does it give us pleasure to think over the event. Surely if some things give us pleasure by remembering them other things will give us fear by remembering them and projecting them into the future.

Resistance to our imagination of an event that we have created through psychological time in the imagination creates fear and anxiety.

I know this is hard going and complex, but it gets easier. Its really difficult because we are trying to understand our own minds and they are moving so quickly and also we dont wont to become fragmented or divided so we have to be careful. But also we have to understand the minds structure and in doing this it stops.

When we see what we are… it stops. Fact, I do it, it happens… so listen up…

Is the constant repetition of thought the result of unresolved experiences. Implying that we are not fully aware of what we are thinking and doing and therefore thought leaves a residue. Therefore thought has not understood itself its action so it leaves an emotional residue in memory.

Is there an action which is whole, complete and is not born from memory? The reason I ask this is because thought which is the response of memory is trying to resolve all the challenges that are presented in our lives, however thought being incomplete, insufficient struggles and therefore it is just going round in circles all the time trying to solve its own problems i.e. thinking incessantly.

So what are we to do? If we are thought and thought is incomplete, insufficient in the sense that thought is the result of our knowledge and experiences and these are always limited, so we are constantly looking for more experience and more knowledge. But the problem with knowledge is that it goes on infinitely in every direction so it always incomplete always insufficient, and we need an action which is complete whole. Not born of insufficiency, which is just memory responding like a computer.

That is why we have to ask is there an action or response which is whole complete, something outside of thought. Perhaps if this were to be active in our lives instead of thought then the challenges being presented to us through our daily living and relationships would not leave a residue in the mind as unresolved memory and therefore create disorder.

So what I am suggesting is that if a human being has this feeling like they really want to excel or put themselves in order perhaps there is an area which is not thought and observes and reacts wholly, completely and therefore not leaving any confusion and residue in memory.

This residue in memory, to me, impedes a human being from reaching there full potential from being fully alive. Our fears, anxieties, feeling of a lack of self worth, inability to deal with situations, neurotic behavior, lack of compassion and caring for ourselves and others and endless other problems.

I am suggesting a new type of spirituality on this planet where each human being by putting themselves in order discovers for themselves if there is a Creator, if the universe is divinely ordered. But each person finds out for themselves through their own hard work and toil, that each person has the opportunity to feel there way into this immense area.

Not to accept that it takes many lives and all the rest of the accepted religious history of this planet. But a new structure that does not divide mankind any longer. Because religions divide, they have been necessary to bring mankind to a point. We are at that point now and we must unite or we may destroy ourselves. That is not just a theory or my point of view. So powerful are the weapons that we have created, not just bombs but devices to change the consciousness of human beings and other devices, which have to be destroyed.

We may think we have not created those weapons but we have created an environment where degeneracy can take root through our lack of action, so we are responsible.

Learning what real meditation is and how to establish the foundations for learning for oneself not according to another how the Universe operates and how to bring total order to ourselves, our relationships and therefore the world at large.

Absolute order in the mind is meditation but not through force, i.e forcing the mind to stop, which is the accepted current method of meditation in all traditions and religions across the world. To me this will damage the mind of the individual.

When we learn how to observe things without thought and memory interfering we will be developing intelligence. Intelligence is not the action of thought and it is only with this intelligence that thought and memory can be observed in real time and resolved.

I will write some more about mediation and how the mind can become silent without forcing it, but through understanding the limitations of thought and memory. When we see that thought cannot solve a problem and the problem has to be solved (difficult, no?) and we are thought what happens?

You stop!

silence absolute….

until you begin to think again which maybe a second later or a few minutes. The more we realise the limitations of thought, knowledge and memory then we begin to inquire if there is something else that will solve our problems, something beyond limitation….

the next step, the end of division. We are going to do this in our lifetime, by hook or by crook many people on this planet before I am dead will establish this right foundation and they will be whole, integral, intelligent and compassionate by seeing the stupidity of compulsive thinking.

But I cant write anymore now. Early start tomorrow 🙂 ciao


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