My new mix….

We are here for a reason and that reason has something to do with gathering experience and feeling those experiences. When we do this and DONT YIELD OR GIVE IN then the heart expands and receives light. This light is given to us and becomes us.

When we feel things deeply we are under immense inward pressure and this can create problems for us physically and psychologically.

The more we empathise the more sensitive we become and therefore experiences become too painful and we yield or give up, either physically through not keeping our solar plexus area strong or psychologically when we can no longer find a solution to our problems.

When we have this full heart the world is going to make you yield. It is hellbent in every direction to make you yield. There are dreadful things and all they want to do is make you go back to the start again and we do this when we yield when we give in.

I had a thought enter my mind and it was of an angel. It was powerful and majestic. The image that I saw told me that we are the result of our experiences and when we yield we actually lose ourselves and endlessly we come back over and over again a different person everytime…. endlessly until we are able to hold ourselves physically, psychologically and emotionally. The angel I saw in the thought I had, was showing me that they will fight with everything they have to protect this light that they are. It will not be taken from them, they are that.

Unless you don’t yield and nearly everyone yields, then your life has very little purpose. Life is the gathering of this immense feeling.

The trick to this is to feel your spirituality. You cannot have knowledge of that which is beyond thought and the known, but you can feel it! That feeling is now a part of you. If you yield then you are giving up what you have attained through many many struggles.

The whole system on this planet is designed to make human beings yield. We have designed it with the help of some dreadful things. When I say we, I mean human beings who lack experience and feeling. We have all been there at some point. Growth through the material world is the only way to actually grow.

So in freemasonry there are 3 pillars or 3 paths. The 2 pillars on the outside represent the positive and negative human beings. We all begin as negative at some point in our history, whether that was 1000years ago or yesterday. By negative we mean the inability to resist negative or evil energy from entering the mind and dictating the direction of our thoughts, intentions and actions.

Through treading the paths of life we experience many sorrows and joys. Thus we begin to empathise (feel what others feel) and we begin to resist that which is evil. We begin our search for happiness. We have moved into the positive. Even though we may not feel positive we are beginning to abhor evil and resist the negative.

Those two paths of good and bad, negative and evil mankind has been divided into. The Jesuits, Masons, Monarchies, occult families and endless other secret societies which have maintained supposed balance of these opposites in the world for a long time.

But both sides have been tricked. The real purpose of freemasonry is to keep anyone from climbing what they call the middle pillar. In many secret societies they think that opening the third eye will balance the mind and they shall ascend the ladder of enlightenment whilst leaving humanity behind.

But again as those who have tried this are aware it does no such thing. What actually takes place is that they lose their ability to be really happy and it becomes very difficult for these humans to make any progress in life. They think they have gone beyond fear, actually it is death they sense not life, but that’s another story for another day.

So what is this middle pillar of freemasonry which is not of the right or the left?

There are positive and negative people, those who resist evil through experience and those who do not…yet, but they will. So whats the next step.

The pursuit of happiness, real happiness and not just the pursuit of pleasure. Of course the more we feel our experiences the greater the capacity for happiness. This is the uniting factor of the conflict of the opposites, not opening the third eye or any other stupid occult practices. All that happens naturally at the right time when our heart is full and ready.

We begin our search for happiness with a man or woman, a car or house, a pet, money, children, land, business, hobbies. However all these become wearisome eventually and we long for something else. From life to life we pass going from one thing that we think makes us happy to the next all become wearisome.

All the time we are experiencing and feeling our experiences. As we do this we begin to sense what will bring us happiness and what will not. Every life we get trapped in a situation that does not bring us the happiness and ecstasy that our heart begins to long for.

Remember, as we go through life as long as we don’t resist feeling and empathizing, then our heart is expanding and our capacity to feel happiness increases.

San Francisco 37° 48’ 30’’ N 2010-10-09 lst 20:58

Compassion and happiness what a combination. Passion, energy and happiness for all…. when you look at the state of humanity and the planet what will this create in you? Discontent!!!

So to cut a long story short, we keep the pure energetic state bright, through the gathering of experience and not yielding to evil! We are then under great inward pressure, discontent is born through observing the dreadful things we do to each other.

This then is the middle path of freemasonry. It is the purpose of both the left and the right (at the very highest levels of authority) to prevent any human being from pursuing this so called middle path. The system is setup to identify, target and break any human beings that try to take this path to integrity, happiness and enlightenment.

However such individuals are protected well beyond the realms of the physical, but they will find it difficult dealing with the current authorities of this world. So these must be carefully negotiated.

Now there are lots of different entities and non humans that live on this planet, they are visible and invisible. I do not wish to talk about that area much, but only wish to say that many from that arena take advantage of the secret societies, rulers of this planet, human stupidity, gullibility and those who do not wish to feel experiences… ever! Which just leads to degeneracy. Oh its a trick but nobody sees, not even the traitors that have sold the rest of us for 50p. However that is about to change.

So what I am coming around too is that we must not yield, nor give in. If we have then un-yield, be determined and persistent and you will. Remember there is no giving in, its not accepted.

Hold onto what you have gathered. learn how to feel yourself. I know that may sound strange but that is your religion, spirituality or light.

Nobody can take that away from you, but sometimes situations in life can beat it out of you. If it does and you are forced to yield, don’t worry, stand back up again, keep on standing it doesn’t matter how much it hits, just keep on standing. You get stronger everytime. You will heal, it is worth fighting for!

I just want you to understand that the fabric of what we are is what we feel and when we give in we are giving away all that we have gathered and need to make the next step. So don’t do it!!! There is no dark enlightenment, that’s just for the entertainment of entities that take advantage of our planet and our lack of self knowledge. We are constantly divided through the conflict of the opposites…

But there is something beyond all of that, something that has no opposite. We must learn how to sense It and struggle towards It. Life is a fight, pushing through all resistance and never yielding to that which has no value. Do not be content!!!

All of this comes together when we pursue a common goal of happiness for all 🙂

I don’t know if any of you like this type of music, not to everyone’s taste but I love it, it lifts me and makes me happy… I made a mix if you want to listen go here and download its 1hour 30minutes long. Or if that does not work go to the link in the comments section…. thanks


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