I hate division!!!

For the last few days I have been on a course, doing some sailing. Whilst I was eating my lunch a few days ago I felt the presence of others who are aware. Believe it or not there are many people who have their sense’s awakened in society, they acheived this through occult methods and knowledge usually, and therefore may have forced something that would have taken place naturally had they a bit more humility and patience. Our light must be bright and steady otherwise we will be manipulated by forces which are outside of the material world.

It turned out we would be sharing a sailing course together. They were part of a negative secret society of the Alastair Crowley tradition, who believe that the main principle to live by is “Do thou what thy wilt”, or something like that, basically, do what you want. Now when would you not do what you want? What prevents a human from doing whatever they want? Why might I feel that harming somebody else’s mother is not beneficial for happiness? When would I realise that killing somebodies brother is not beneficial for humanity. When would I say “I will not be like this”. When would I stop? How can I not care for so long? Do I have the capacity to feel? Do I have the capacity to empathize, to be compassionate?

Anyway we loathed each other, we could feel each others energy. There’s was dark, to the point where you could sense the loss of consciousness. Dark, dark. Also they could sense me. But regardless, i could sense the real them, I could feel there experiences, I could see the beauty of their suffering. How it had formed them, how they had had no choice. They had not felt the warmth of The Beloved in their hearts, they had not sensed that eternity. However they had gathered experience and I felt their suffering and I could sense a strong feeling of compassion was awakening in their hearts. Something in them was reaching out to me…. ohh I could feel it.

So instead of loathing them I reached out, I refused to get down, I refused to hate them. Low and behold, they also wanted to speak with me, they wanted to be happy, I could feel it. Our conversations were short but filled with promise and even though the daughter continued to try to make me sick with her energy I could feel love growing in the older members of the group, people whom initially were highly negative and dangerous to the ordinary human being. But they were isolated, they had gone too far the wrong way and they wished to come back. Perhaps they “know” or sense that’s a dead end. We must meet them, they want to be happy like me. I could not see it before but they really want to be happy.

I really feel now that it is possible to unite the left and right through integrity, refusing to think negatively about anyone or anything. To do this you have to use all your energy, not to overcome anyone, but just to relate to them. Giving everyone a chance, we do not know what their situation is and we have to put ourselves in another’s shoes. Both positive and negative are leading towards being excellent. Excellence implies all of ones energy to put things in order.

But there is something else you hidden people must know. The Beloved will not grow in your hearts unless you deeply feel your experiences, thats sorrow and joy and all the other things. The result of all of that leads to greater feeling, empathy and compassion. The Beloved must be in your heart to move onto the next step. 777 is just a trick, you cannot go beyond. Thats as far as you can go and you will suffer like nobody else because you will struggle to hold onto your foundation. I cant tell you how dangerous and terrifying that area is once you have seen its implications. You can come back from it. I know how that is possible.


Now in this group of 7 or so sailors, many of them worked for the secret world, thinking that they are doing something beneficial for humanity, but to me they are being tricked. I wanted to talk to them about this but I could not. It is impossible because they have taken oaths that are so strong that they are terrified to brake them. So a dialog cannot be started and yet I see that they are in trouble, internally. They are losing their connection to not only what they are but also to Source. Its like something has them in a clamp inside and I want to help them but I cannot if they hold to their secret oaths, they cannot speak and they are in trouble! I have taken no oath and I will speak freely about the hidden world.

What I would like to say if any of you are listening is that, with a determined act you can cancel or break any of these oaths and contracts……. now!

I understand why you are that way and why I am this way. I cannot lie down with evil, so if you are evil or you pursue evil which is that which sets itself against humanity or is non beneficial for humanity we can never unite. We are looking to be integral, of the heart and the mind. I know the seed of negativity and positivity exists in us all. I know we all would love to be happy, even those who hate themselves, and society… would you still want hatred and division if happiness was offered to you freely?

Immense hope lays open to us now, that hope is happiness, it is the one thing that will unite us. The conflict of the opposites may always exist, but happiness is what each of us seek. To progress we must experience things deeply, then, the greater ones capacity for happiness and ecstasy.

I have learnt this week that there are some humans who would appear to be evil and highly negative, but actually when you make the effort and you really try to be excellent and step towards them they are rich in experience and wish to be loved, accepted and they love to be around happy people who see the best in them. The younger ones are a bit more tricky, but perseverance in excellence will work wonders on both sides.

We are all trying to be excellent both left and right, brain and heart, positive and negative. Surely being excellent is the gathering of all of ones energy to solve the challenges and problems of “life”.

We are so suspicious of each other, this prevents real conversation from taking place and also stupid oaths! which may have been necessary but are no longer are. I do not have anything to hide from you, do you? Painful is the path of experience, but we all have to tread it. No giving in… ever.

When this feeling starts to grow inwardly, I can’t tell you how relieved you will be. Forget organized religions, cults or spirituality. INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY…. to be whole… not deceived not having somebody tell you the way things are… none of that secret rubbish and it is rubbish!

They can send animal energies in you or give you mobile phones that act like weapons so you can make your opponents sick… you can become a 777 or maybe you can go further these days…. but who is controlling all of that? Who are your handlers. Their is no progression without feeling experiences deeply. Progression implies regeneration, implies something beyond positive and negative it implies happiness and also ecstasy.

So I just want to say that I am aware of the hidden world and why it all happened and the reasons, but be aware that most of you have been offered something and in return you are being led into dangerous areas by “things” that have gone very wrong. They have a vested interest in humanity never uniting. Compartmentalizing, and labeling us all, experts in psychology are they, one human against the next.

So I highly recommend that if you are part of a secret society that you are very careful in opening your senses and faculties. You may think you are serving humanities best interests when in actual fact you are eroding your connection to Source and your ability to remain humane or part of humanity. Or to put it more precisely your handlers or teachers are tricking you into giving up something that has taken you a very long time to gather.

So we don’t need to be divided any longer. I have solutions for the things that ail you. I can see what is necessary. What I do not understand we can talk over together and we WILL come up with a solution. There is a solution for everything. Do not fight happiness, it will lead you into ecstasy.

Those who have gone a long way and who have gathered much experience must aspire to be excellent and that implies being humane. We must use all our energy to relate with a common goal of happiness for all human beings.

I was going to talk about awareness this evening, but its just pissing me off that there are so many secrets that divide us, so many secret oaths…. all of it is a trick. Break these oaths… be honest… have integrity… STAND NOW!

Everyone understands why we do bad stuff, everybody has done it… nobody is an Angel, we are all learning… its just a process of “life”. Don’t be manipulated don’t be a traitor, be humane, have integrity. STAND… STAND… STAND, step out of it, lead the younger generations out of it.

Sorry if none of the above applies to you, it may sound a bit cryptic, tomorrow I will speak about how to ignite the flame of awareness which is…. like…. the  most important thing a human being can do 🙂


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