We will change!

The title tells you how I feel. We will change, if we do not see the necessity and act the Cosmos will force this change, what would have to happen to create enough discontent in human beings so that we see the necessity in changing, in finding out what we are, how our minds function and so on. Do we not have enough horrors and problems to create the energy to change? Do we need a problem of a larger magnitude before we change?

Are we being put to sleep even though we are up to our neck in quicksand? The pursuit of pleasure, watching tv all the time, buying things, always looking for amusement, no seriousness, everyone corrupted. Nobody stands, nobody with integrity, nobody sharp and excellent all are falling asleep. Frightened to act in case society dislikes us. Who will stand, who will save you, your family and friends….. innumerable problems, who will solve them, who won’t yield, who won’t give in?

We won’t, I won’t, you won’t. With a strong heart, self knowledge and integrity we forge a path forward. In our slip stream many will follow and be protected. This is the real meaning of a warrior, we are learning to be integral, through the lessons of life we are becoming a whole, fearless human being. Our heart keeps us clean, honest and uplifted, our minds are sharp and constantly searching for self knowledge and we aspire physically, to be the best we can be.

We don’t yield, we hate violence, we will overcome everything with determination in happiness and compassion. We will change, that is fact, the question is how difficult we make it.

Ignorance, means to ignore a part of life.


We have to learn to see. Unless you learn how to see and listen you are going to be mislead.

What do I mean buy seeing? Obviously I do not mean just ordinary looking at things, listening to things, because this is how we look at everything all the time and we do not understand what we are listening to or looking at.

We may think we understand what we are looking at or hearing, that very thinking that we “know” what it is we are looking at or listening to prevents us from discovering what it actually is.

To begin with it can be really hard to get your mind around this, but you may have this feeling that you can know longer see beauty. The beauty of nature, the mountain, the stars the tree. People say look at that beautiful mountain or beautiful sunset and for a moment it can be beautiful, the majesty of it captures all of ones attention, and then it is gone, just like all the other sunsets becomes old and boring or not immense feeling of seeing something totally new, totally magnificent. Something in you tells you that it is magnificent, but you just fail to see it.

You may have heard spiritual teachers or felt that God/Allah/Source is in nature, in the birds, in the water, the trees, the movement of the wind, but you no longer sense it.

Once you have learnt how to observe and listen as if you are observing and listening to something for the first time, so that you do not let knowledge, memory, thought come between you and the thing you are observing or listening to, then you will see it for what it is for the very first time.

Unless you develop this type of not knowing what something is observation, you are going to be deceived by spiritual teachers, priests, politicians and all the rest of the monkeys that vie for your attention. Manipulation and propaganda is everywhere!

To observe without “knowing”, knowing implies having knowledge of something given to you by another, storing that knowledge in memory and then everytime you observe a bird a cloud a rock or human face then we recall that knowledge stored in memory. This prevents you from seeing that thing, seeing its magnificence or significance.

When I look at a tree, I see branches, leaves, a trunk, bark, an oak tree or ash tree. So when I look at something memory is automatically recalling knowledge about the thing I am looking at. That then acts as a screen between you observing something directly, its acts like a filter placed between the minds eye and the object being observed.

If we were aware that this was taking place we would not do it or learn how to undo it. When we label something, or store it in memory for recollection later we destroy our ability to see something fresh. It is only with this fresh observation without all the knowledge of the thing that is being observed are we able to clearly see what that thing is, and this true observation does not use knowledge as it’s base, but sees the thing as it is without distortion.

Learning can only take place when one observes without “knowing”, which implies a state of humility. Do you really “know” what a rock is, you have some technical information, but is that anything to do with what the rock is? We use the terminology to describe certain facets of the rock to another, its structure, how hard it is, its colour, what type or even that its just a rock. When we look at the rock mind instantly labels it “rock”, the word comes between the thing itself and your observation of it.

So knowledge is coming between you discovering directly your environment and its full significance. Knowledge obviously is necessary to speak, the word, for description, for technical things, like making a cake, or flying a plane, I need knowledge.

What is knowledge? Do you “know” if you do, then you cannot find out what knowledge is. If somebody has told you already and you accept what has been said and you now “know” then how can you discover something new, how can you ask the question, the very “knowing” the answer prevents you from inquiring into something or asking yourself the questions.

Knowledge is always old. Knowledge is stored in memory and applied to the present moment. So knowledge we can call the known, the known being the past. Where did your knowledge come from? Was this person an authority on some subject an expert and we accept their knowledge and we now accept it to be fact.

We are trying to understand how to observe, how to see something without thought, so that we can see the beauty in life, so that we are not deceived by others, so that we can learn and discover not through an authority, something for ourselves probably for the first time.

We can call this the setting of right foundations. How to observe and listen without “knowing” what that thing is.

You have to learn how to do this, so that you can begin to learn for yourself and not have to go from one authority to another. With this type of observation you will see the truth in the truth and the lie in the lie. Without it this world is a dangerous maze. Once your eyes and ears are functioning properly you will see why its so important that one lays correct foundations.

Begin with simple things like a tree, or bird or flower or clouds, stop and observe and wonder if you really see them or is their some kind of screen between you and the thing you are observing.

Keep at it, day after day, realize that you do not know what the thing is that you are looking at, you thought you knew, but it cannot be that, if it were you would understand what it was but you don’t, you just see boring tree or cloud or whatever.

Once the thing you are observing begins to transform, and it will, just keep at it! Then you can move on to harder things like human beings and so on.

Just ask yourself do you really know what the tree is outside? You have seen one cut down, you have seen the wood, the rings in the middle, you know its age, you have chopped it up and put it in the fire, you know how it burns, how it makes a nice table or chair. You think you know what wood is, what tree is, but do you? Do you care? Are you satisfied are you content with what you have been told. Can you sense, can you feel that there is something else, something we are missing….

The second you were given knowledge by another about  something, the word tree, pine, that is the screen, the mind then “knows” and stops observing, stops investigating, stops direct observation.

So you have to learn how to view all these things a new, if you do not you will always be lead by another, you always be forced to accept authority, because you will never be able to find out the truth of anything for yourself.

Keep on observing the tree, the flower, keep on realizing there must be something I do not understand, I must be lacking information or perhaps the information I have is preventing me from seeing!

Its up to you, its hard work but once you have just seen a leaf of a tree for the first time, or the magnificence of a whole tree you will never look back, words cannot begin to describe the adventure and new found enthusiasm for life that you will feel as you begin to enter into the real world.

For a longtime this information of how to be free from authority has been kept hidden. Now it is here for you to act upon and in doing so you will establish a correct foundation for understanding of oneself, life and perhaps beyond 😉

Don’t ever be tempted to join a secret society, whether of the left or the right. All of that is coming to an end and their secret oaths will have no meaning. They normally offer brother or sisterhood and secret knowledge. Just not necessary any longer. The order that is being established on this planet supersedes any covenants or contracts man has created.


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