The luciferian delusion

Some human beings that lack experience, (by experience I mean they refuse to feel experience or empathy and remain with the energies of the mind and the pursuit of knowledge) are waiting to capitalize on a situation which is taking place on this planet.

They are aware that the old order is collapsing and soon it will not exist. That means that organized religion, governments, corporations, organizations will all come to an end. How this will come about they do not know. But they do know that this is taking place now.

If organized religions collapse what happens to the mind of the masses? What will take place when we have no image of God or a saviour or a prophet. There maybe a period of time where the majority of the planet do not know what to believe.

In this state of not “knowing”, we can yield, we can lose hope, direction, purpose, longing. The mind no longer knows what is true. What it held as truth is shown to be false…. so it gropes, it searches, looking for another to tell it what to do, the most reasonable, the most sensible solution it clings too.

The solution or delusion is about to be conveniently provided. Convenient is an interesting word.

There is an energy which human beings resist and recognize as evil when they have accumulated empathy and compassion. Its a bit more complex then this, but lets just just keep it simple.

It infects the minds of humans who refuse to feel, they have there reasons I am sure, but never the less it is something that must be resisted.

It can enter a human being when we are not honorable, when we do not have integrity or high standards, when the pure energetic state is not bright in us.

It is a feeling that takes pleasure in evil.

It seeps in through the back door.

We are being setup during this transition to accept luciferian energies if we cannot connect to our feeling of integrity, compassion and love.

Everyday we are being eroded, through the tv, radio, internet, mobile phone systems, directed microwave energy, weaponized food, water and an attack on our consciousness and life itself is taking place, to the point where the atmosphere is being changed to block certain frequencies of light from the sun.

We are losing our fight, our energy and determination. As a result we are losing ourselves. The accumulation of feeling experiences deeply is the expansion of the heart, is the drawing in of more light is the resistance to evil. This is just a process of growth, it takes place naturally if we do not prevent it.

Some prevent this process form taking place and are in a very dangerous position.

When we cut ourselves off from what we are, we create a new entity. This entity is made of thought, memory and knowledge. It dies when the brain dies. They do not want to die, for they think they have achieved so much, so they resist the natural order of the Cosmos.

They wish to create their own order separate from reality. They argue, what is reality, it is what we make it. Full of knowledge they manipulate creational energies to try to bring about a “virtual reality”.

Something that exists separate from natural order, where they are master magicians and gods of their own destiny and bend their knee to no one.

Thats what they think and they have gone a long way down this path.

If they wish they can come back from degeneration at any point. They need only to start feeling their experiences. Karma and cause and effect await them and they are terrified. So far have they gone down a path of degeneracy they cannot envisage a way back.

All things are possible. It is up to them. Obviously they do not see what awaits them. There mind is full of an energy which they think is the opposite of Source/God/Allah. But that area has no opposite. Something dreadful eats them. There is a way out all can be put right. They have been tricked and they are in a dreadful state.

Anyway, there little trick or big trick depending on where your looking from, is to send this luciferian energy into all the human beings who have given in, or lost faith, or hope, or direction or are dissilusioned with religion, God and so forth and many will be soon.

So it comes back to what I have been saying, you cannot “know” what God is. Its not possible. The mind is the movement of thought, which is an electrical signal from one memory to the next. Memory contains knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience are always the past.

The past cannot “know” the present, neither can it know something outside of limitation. Thought is limited to knowledge.

But we can feel our connection our integrity our compassion. We can hold this and refuse to yield.

When the time is right we will put ourselves in absolute order and when the mind is in order, not forced, but order, then we can inquire into an area which is beyond knowledge. We can achieve this within one lifetime.

I am going to speak about this. But before we place ourselves in absolute order or inquire into how to do it, there must be the gathering of experience, the non yielding to the result of experience which leads to compassion. The pure energetic state where we deny any negativity then becomes our place of abode which leads to a discontent which has immense integrity.

Once all that is done we are ready and bursting full of energy to take the next step.

So don,t fall for any of this hidden hand luciferian nonsense and all there misguided cohorts…. feel your connection, feel your spirituality.

If you do not feel anything, do not be content with not feeling anything, do not be content with not caring, with not having affection.

tomorrow I would like to share my thoughts on time and how it comes to an end, which is important…. time for a beer 🙂


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