Sick of division part deux

So does it work like this…

We grow when we feel what another feels, when we empathize. When we have experienced what others have experienced and we know how it feels, empathy turns into compassion. Passion for all, empathy for all, energy for all.

So the heart expands when we feel our experiences. Many do not wish to feel there experiences because it hurts, its sad, there’s sorrow and pain. At this point many of us create an identity which is separate from what we are.

When we say the heart expands, what do we mean? Is it the heart? What is this area called the SOLAR plexus?

So when we deeply feel our day to day experiences what is happening? I can say what is happening to me, but that doesn’t matter to you, what matters is that you can recognize what is going on in you.

So the expression is, the heart expands, as you feel more, you draw in more light. Are we receiving an upgrade? I’m not talking religiously here, or scriptually or anything like that, we are just inquiring into what is actually taking place.

Is the solar plexus area of the body the store house of light and receives light when we feel what another feels. When we have been doing this for sometime perhaps compassion is born where we feel for many people.

Whats the next step?

When we become compassionate there is immense inward pressure on the body, because we have received much light (we have to be very strong physically in this area otherwise we will yield), like a crystal when squeezed by rock gives off light so do we enter the pure energetic state when we are under pressure. I think some people call this the higher self.

This state exists in every human being and we do not need to consciously manipulate energy or do any other crazy stuff to remain in it. We just need to feel our experiences and not yield. We need to desire experience and gather it and it can be done at any point you don’t have to be 10 years old or special or any of that.

So what happens next? We are now in the pure energetic state, by the way you can rev this up by listening to music that you love, walking briskly, breathing quickly and meeting every experience with all your energy.

We may begin to feel a discontent growing within us a feeling we cannot scratch, something that we cannot find contentment in anything we do, and our search for greater ecstasy and happiness begins here.

A discontent with ourselves, society and the world situation begins. This is not a discontent which is fueled by anger or not having enough or comparing oneself with another. It is something else something very personal and it is a fire which once ignited can drive a human being forward…..

That discontent will bring absolute order to the individual if they do not yield. Those who ignite it within themselves are unstoppable. As they place order within themselves so will that be reflected outwardly into the world.

To feel this discontent which is not of this world we must be in the pure energetic state and we must remain in it. We remain in this state when we do yield to the result of experience. Which implies living in a state of humility, not being above another, ever. Which is the rejection of all power and that all takes place naturally when we diligently learn how to feel and empathize without giving in.

There is no giving in, never, it is not accepted.

That is being religious, is being spiritual, is the beginning of integrity. But it is necessary to recognize this feeling. The feeling you should put everything in order, the feeling you should go to church or mosque, go for a walk, meditate, say sorry, that feeling is the beginning of wholeness, is the feeling of a religious person is spirituality.

When that feeling becomes constant and not just now and then we are getting closer. The more pressure we are under inwardly, as long as we don’t yield, the more we shine. The pure energetic state becomes our place of abode and the world loathes us 😦

But now we can feel something greater on the horizon, its an immense optimism a feeling that can overcome any despair, it is a feeling that perseveres. Even though we are hated and loathed we are loved and we feel it.

Now if we can recognize that feeling of empathy and compassion within ourselves, then that is the end of organized religion. Its going to be destroyed anyway so we may as well feel what we are, because we cannot “know” or have knowledge of God/Source/Allah, its just not possible even though many who have not put themselves in order or learnt how to hold this immense feeling like to say they “know”, follow me!

But we can FEEL it, with this information we can end all outward authorities, divisions, religions, governments. We just have to feel deeply our experiences and not yield.

That’s not easy because we all want to yield, to give in. The mind is always looking for contentment and satisfaction. But it has to be done, it is the purpose of our lives.

When the heart is full of light and we are thoroughly discontented or we have a lit a fire within that cannot be contented, a moment will come where we have to put ourselves and our lives in absolute order. That is when we look into meditation, how the mind can stop naturally on its own without force and all the other things that are necessary. But first this fire has to be lit.

In understanding the mechanism of the mind, it stops totally. In the beginning it is just for a moment or two, but then if you keep at it the silence extends. In this pure energetic discontented state we can then put the question what is God/Allah/Source. Because the mind is empty it can receive and intelligence is born. Intelligence is not the result of knowledge.

It is only when the mind is not constantly in movement that it can receive something that is not born of limitation or knowledge. When this process begins we can then investigate for ourselves an area which lies outside of knowledge and limitation or the accumulation of the past.

So all of that is the next step for human beings. It is my opinion that when we die, we die. The content of the mind empty’s. We are the mind, the mind is our persona, all our knowledge and experiences are contained in memory. That is what is meant by man is mortal. If we can accept that we die when we die, then perhaps something else can happen. Nobody wants to die, but we have to.

The feeling goes on, it cannot grow on the other side. It has to return to polarity and matter for growth, we have to keep on coming back indefinitely until we have gathered enough experience. Perhaps we long to come back…. the feeling comes back and guides us to become more and more integral.

In understanding what I am, I understand what you are. We are human beings and everyone of us has to go through this process of “life”. To gather experience, nobody can escape it. We can delay it, by saying next life, or by getting lots of money or power to protect ourselves from having to deal with life. But we only delay the inevitable.

There is no choice, we are not allowed to yield or give in, it is not accepted. When we realise this and begin to diligently feel what we are, it is the end of all manipulation and propaganda. It is the end of governments, religious authorities and corporations. We are becoming responsible, we are becoming aware.

We die, but what remains is the feeling, the treasures in the heart, the compassion, the longing. It is this feeling that is the real meaning of religion the real meaning of spirituality and it grows in proportion to our capacity to feel each experience whilst denying becoming hard, callous, negative, violent, evil and so forth.

Division, manipulation and propaganda ends when human beings realise and recognise that this is the process of life and we all have to go through it and there is no choice.

Tomorrow I would like to speak about the luciferian agenda it objectives and how to side step their grand illusion. Which is not difficult but we have to have certain self knowledge to do this……. until tomorrow 🙂


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