Sick of division

This is my first post, and I would like to talk about things that are bothering me with the world and ideas that come to me on how we can fix it. I am really discontented with how things are.

Firstly I would like to say that all organized religions, organizations, corporations, governments and artificial borders are to come to an end. I know this will offend both the masons and the religious folk out there. I do not mean to offend, its just to me it has to happen.

Borders and countries lead to divisions, one country against another. Corporations, organizations and governments in all their forms, have been necessary so that their is order in the world, but they are to come to an end now, because we cannot organize ourselves, corporations take on a life of their own and a central organization like a government to manage the affairs of the country will not be necessary any longer as all borders countries, sovereignties are to come to an end. So why have governments.

Many educated folk will argue that mankind will be in chaos without this central organization or a world government. Never the less, this type of outward authority has not brought peace, equality, justice or food to the starving. The wealthy and highly educated rule through secrecy and subterfuge.

That is a fact, nothing to do with conspiracy, you need only to look for yourself. So to me all these outward authorities must come to an end and I fully expect them too in the coming years. Of course the monkeys that run the show will try to install another world government so that they can keep bringing in the profits, power, but they will not be successful.

Organized religion has served its purpose, a new integral understanding of what we are, is percolating down to humanity. This self knowledge will liberate human beings from having to go through a third party to access Source.

Organized religion has divided mankind, we now must unite, but how, if I am Christian and you a Muslim or Hindu how is this possible. Our lives, our traditions, ideas, beliefs are widely different.

We are to replace the words religion and spirituality with the word integrity. This means to be whole, integral. All parts coming together. To really be a Humane Being. I will talk about how this is possible in later posts.

What do we currently mean by being religious or spiritual? Why are so many people put off by organized religion? Why do so many people believe that we live and die and that is it, or they do not care to ask further there’s just no interest.

How do we grow as a human being? What do we mean by grow? Is it just growing physically, psychologically? more knowledge, better bodies, what about feelings, emotion?

Most human beings feel. Why do we feel? Why do some feel and some do not? are we evil if we do not feel? What does it mean to grow? How do we all grow together? Are we growing together anyway? Perhaps ideas and beliefs divide us.

If I believe in a Creator, Allah, God, Divine, Source, Universe, The Unknowable, Infinite, The Beloved and you do not, what does that have to do with reality? From now on I will call all the above “Source”.

Just because you believe something does not make it true, neither does not believing. It does not alter a fact. So if some priest or religion says there is something beyond the material world what has that got to do with truth. 5 billion people may believe something but what has that to do with truth.

I think its really important for us to understand that we are living in a material world, a world made of matter. Many say that a spiritual world surrounds and interpenetrates the physical, some can prove it in science, and some can feel it. But what does that have to do with me, with what I think, with what I feel.

If there is something beyond all of this madness can it be known? By known I mean knowledge. Its important to ask this question because the mind contains knowledge and experience and its stored in memory. Knowledge is the known. The known is the past. Can the past, or can we, know what Source is.

If we are talking about something which is infinite, unmeasurable, beyond all comprehension is that very thing unknowable. Can we have a concept or a belief or an image of what that is.

Now if we cannot, then how can another, who is merely following a tradition, which is something which is past on from one generation to the next and accepted as an authority on something that human beings cannot know. We cannot know what God is!

Knowledge is always the past, is always limited, is always the accumulation of the limited.

So if the mind cannot “know” what Source is, then who can be an authority on such a thing? There is no authority. Now if there is no authority, what are we to do, what is the mind to do if nobody knows and we cannot go to anyone to find out. Without direction the mind is left flapping in the wind.

When we harm somebody what happens? When we are cruel what happens? Do we feel it? Do we feel their pain? Do we empathize? If we did we would not do it. Then why do we not feel. There is a reason why I am asking these questions so just stick with me because we are going to end division on this planet.

Why do we not feel? If I murder somebodies family and I do not feel anything, why is that? If I am callous, cold and viperish why is that?

Might it be possible that we live in a universe that is supplying everything that is needed for us to grow. A tree receives its nutrients from the soil and sun and so does a carpenter receive his breakfast and wood. So perhaps also when we kill or harm another that very thing we have done to another will happen to us at some point.

Why is this necessary? Why do we need to feel what it is like to be on the receiving end of violence, hatred, callousness, indifference and ignorance?

What does it mean to grow?

As we grow we begin to feel what another feels. We begin to empathize! We begin to empathize through experiencing the result of our actions, those very actions are re-enacted against us.

Its all quite simple, we are going to get rid of organized accepted authorities and discover and feel our connection to Source/Allah/Creator for ourselves once and for all.

to be continued tomorrow……. 🙂


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